Saturday 9 September 2023

Books! Superheroes with Paws!

**** Please note that we do not receive commissions of any kind for this review. We simply love sharing books that we find useful. ****

There's always excitement in our house when we receive a package, especially when it contains a book! You can never have too many books, right? Well we've added another book to our collection of working dog books.

Superheroes with Paws, is written by the wonderful Jessica Ten Vaanholt from over Childrens Stories by Jessica. Jess is yet another home grown Australian author.

Jessica wrote the story after she was approved to receive her own Assistance Dog. Working in the early childhood education and care industry, Jessica realised the importance of educating children and families about the important roles that all Assistance Dogs play. And a great way to do that is through books!

It's yet another wonderful, very well written, educational book on the different types of Assistance Dogs and the roles that they play in their owners lives. 

But before we even read the book, this was L's announcement!!

L: Woah, the dog has a red coat like Henry! And it says Superheroes on the cover. Henry is my superhero! This is the best book already!

So what are O and L's take on the book? Read on!

Me: What is the best thing about the book?

O: This is amazing, it sounds like Jessica was writing about her own Assistance Dog. Did she get her puppy yet?

Me: Unfortunately not yet.

O: Oh that's terrible. But this is an amazing book. Jessica talks about the different types of Assistance Dogs.

L: There even a Autism dog like Henry!

O: I love that Jessica talks about the different tasks that the dogs all do.

L: I like the pictures, there's lots of pictures and they all have red coats like Henry's. All the dogs are superheroes. I love this book. And it's easy for me to read too.

O: Jessica has even put information in about why reading books are so important, what a great idea.

L: Can you read it again please?

Me: We can soon, just a few more questions first?

L: Seriously? Okay.

Me: Who would you recommend this book to?

O: Everyone! This is really cool book. The story is very realistic and informative. There's so much information in this one book. This will definitely help to spread more awareness about Assistance Dogs.

L: Everyone needs to read it. Maybe we need to start a library on the island so all the people can read about Assistance Dogs. The old people who keep talking to Henry really need to read all of the books. We can put this one and Henrys book and the Dogs with Jobs book, but they can't keep the books. Can we read it now?

Me: One more question then we can read it again. Out of 5 stars, how many stars would you rate this book?

L: Fine! 5 stars, I think you only buy 5 star books Mummy! We never get a terrible book.

O: Definitely another 5 star book.

L: Now can you read it again? And then you can read Henry's book please?

Me: Sure, thank you for reviewing the book.

L: Please read now?

And read it again we did!

This book would be a great addition to any child's home library.

And just quietly, how amazing do all four of these books look together!

Monday 4 September 2023

Books! Dogs with Jobs

 *** Please note that we do not receive commissions of any form for this review, they are simply products that we find incredibly useful. ***

If you haven't realised by now, we love books! You can never have too many books, right?

Earlier this year, I self published a book about Henry and it was after the publication that I realised just how few books there really are that focus on Assistance Dogs. So I am now on a mission to collect as many different books about Assistance Dogs. As you can see from the above photo, our collection is quite small at the moment but we will be adding to it over time.

It has been quite a while since our last book review, so we figured that we would start reviewing our books about dogs collection.

First up is Dogs with Jobs 1 and Dogs with Jobs 2!

Dogs with Jobs is written by Australian author Natalie Leski and was first published in 2021.

We came across Natalie's first book quite by accident and just had to order a book. When Natalie published her second book in the series this year, we again had to purchase a copy for our collection.

Both books introduce readers to working dogs of all descriptions and the differences between pet dogs and working dogs. Both books also talk about the importance of being respectful towards all working dogs, regardless of if they are Assistance Dogs or other types of working dogs.

So what are O and L's take on the books? Keep reading below!

Me: What is the best thing about these books?

O: I love both books, there are so many working dogs that people don't know about so it's important that there are more books to educate families. Both of these books have a range of different types of working dogs for people to read about.

L: I like the pictures, they are very colourful and really look like real working dogs. My favourite picture is Emma because she looks like Henry. And the book is easy for me to read. Maybe the old people here on the island need to read these books too because they keep saying Henry is a Guide Dog!

Me: Who would you recommend these books to?

O: Everyone! More awareness and education is needed about Assistance Dogs, People wouldn't, you'd hope that they wouldn't anyway, go and pat a Police Dog while it is working, Yet there are many people who think it is okay to pat an Assistance Dog while it is working. Both have important jobs to do. Both need to be respected.

L: Same. I don't like it when people just touch Henry without asking first. He is helping me. The old people need to read it.

Me: How many stars would you rate both books?

L: How many stars, I can't remember how many we use!

O: Let's rate out of 5 stars. I give them both 5 stars!

L: Me too! And Henry and Alaska love them too!

So definitely great books about working dogs that every home should have! And a 5 star rating to go with them. You can purchase Dogs with Jobs via this link.