Tuesday 25 May 2021

May the force be with you! Yes, we're geeks!

May the force, ah I mean the fourth, be with you!

May the 4th marks Star Wars Day Around the world. A day in which Star Wars fans the world over share Star Wars memes and greet each other with May the Force be with you. 

What I didn't know was the phrase "may the fourth be with you," was first used in 1979 in England when Margaret Thatcher took office as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Members of her Conservative party took out a full page advertisement in the London Evening news congratulating her ... "May the Fourth Be with You, Maggie."

Star Wars then kicked off in Canada where the first organized Star Wars Day events were organised at the Toronto Underground Cinema on the 4th of May, 2011. And the day has since been embraced in countries all over the world.

Our family, apart from superhero fans, are right into Star Wars, so here are a few of our memes (as well as one that the superheroes love) for the 4th of May and the Revenge of the 6th of May. Enjoy!

Wednesday 19 May 2021

L's Autism Journey

2021 marks a  pretty big milestone for L and our family.

Five years ago this year, we received official confirmation that L was in fact on the spectrum. And look where he is now!

From non verbal, struggling to understand his and others emotions, struggling to make friends, lots of emotional and sensory overloaded days where he didn't want to step outside of his comfort zone, to now

L is now confident and tackles whatever obstacles are in his way head on. He is wanting to learn new skills and try new activities. He does recognise that he is different from his peers, but different in a good way. And he is embracing his Autism and ADHD!

"I got awes-tism and super fast 80-HD brain!"

We've been on a learning journey with him and have learnt so much about the world by looking through his eyes. He's taught us that while the world can be a scary place, there's lots of beauty if you look at it differently.

Buddy, you going to go far. There is no limit ⭐⭐

Thursday 13 May 2021

Equine Therapy

*** Please note that we do not receive commissions of any kind for this post. This post is in relation to a therapy provider that we find useful. ***

Daddy superhero and I are always looking for different activities that we can incorporate into our weekly routines that will further develop the little superheroes skills. 

We've always known the power that animals have on both little superheroes and have always thought that both would love to participate in equine therapy. Towards the end of term one of this school year, Daddy superhero sent me a link to an equine therapy provider.

We'd just attended a horse show that a few of our relatives organised, and since then L had expressed that he'd like to learn how to ride a horse, just like his cousins Dave, Jane and Em.

After speaking with the owner of the Quarter Mile Ranch where the Equine Therapy is conducted, we booked L in for a trial session.

On the day of the session, L was over excited but as soon as we walked over to the horses, L immediately calmed. After introducing ourselves to Tiarne, we left L with her and stood back and watched.

The immediate change in L was just brilliant to watch. L's horse for the session was a gorgeous horse named Bear. L's first job was to brush Bear down, and he did this ever so gently. L then helped Tiarne to locate the riding equipment that L needed for the session.

After helping Tiarne to put all the riding gear into Bear, it was time for the riding to begin. L didn't show an ounce of hesitation as he climbed up into the saddle. The first session was quite short but in the short time, L learnt how to turn Bear, how to go forwards and backwards, how to stop (very important!) and he had a go at trotting with Bear.

At the conclusion of the session when we asked L if he wanted to come back to the ranch, he let out a resounding yes!

L and now O, have since began weekly Equine Therapy sessions. One of the great things we love about the sessions, is that the little superheroes aren't just learning how to ride horses.

At the beginning, and end, of each session that they have been learning how to take care of the horses by brushing them down, cleaning their hooves, brushing their horses manes. The little superheroes have to locate the riding gear that they will need for their horse, and with some help, they put all of the equipment on their horse. 

At the end of the session, they have to help with the feeding of all of the horses at the ranch. This they do complain about, but secretly I'm pretty sure they love this part. Not only do they get their hands dirty by mixing the horse feed, but they also get to see the horses become extremely excited because they know that it's dinner time!

The little superheroes are also practicing and working on their emotional regulation skills every week when they are with the horses.

And every week, the little superheroes learn and practice a new skill with the horses.

L has since been paired with a grumpy horse named Shotz. It's actually quite amusing to watch L and Shotz. Every time that one of the trainers interacts with Shotz, he tries to spin around and give them a nip on the arm. But with L, Shotz is calm and patient. It's almost as though while Shotz is a calming influence on L, L has the same effect on Shotz.

O is also loving the Equine Therapy sessions. She is still developing her confidence with the horses, but they are having a huge impact on O's anxiety. There have been a few weeks where O's anxiety has been sky high, but after working with the horses, O has been able to calm and articulate what has caused her to become anxious.

Both little superheroes are loving their Equine Therapy and no matter what sort of day they have, as soon as they begin interacting with the horses, they calm and focus. And then at the conclusion of every session, two happy flappy, bouncy children come running across the paddock to the car. This makes my heart sing every week.

Sunday 9 May 2021

The Little Superheroes at The Holt Bolt

*** Please note that I do not receive commissions of any kind for this post. This post discusses a therapy provider that we have found useful. ***

Last year brought a whole range of changes for everyone right across the globe. For me personally, I began a new career. After working in the early learning and education industry for over 20 years, I took the plunge and began work in the Disabuly Support industry as a Support Worker. Just quietly, I am loving the change.

But that's another post. I'm working one on one with young adults both in their homes and in the community, assisting them to develop their independence skills. One of the places that I accompany my clients to is The Holt Bolt.

When I first took a client to their session at Holt Bolt, I immediately thought that both little superheroes would love being a part of the Holt Bolt family. Initially the sessions were held at a very small (and compact) gymnasium, but they've recently moved to a purpose fitted gym.

So what is Holt Bolt? As their website states, Holt Bolt is all about helping people of all ages and abilities to overcome obstacles. Holt Bolt was founded by Richard Holt in 2013 and has grown every year since. The Holt Bolt team deliver physical training and exercise physiology to people of all ages and all abilities in a fun environment.

I've participated in a few Holt Bolt sessions with the clients that I work with, and they are a lot of fun. So much fun, that I don't think a few of my clients realise just how hard their bodies are working during the session! I know that the day after, my legs were reminding me just how hard I had worked!!

On a Friday evening a few weeks ago, the little superheroes had their first look at Holt Bolt. L's eyes lit up when we entered their new purpose fitted training center. Not only is there every type of exercise equipment imaginabe, there is also an inflatable obstacle course, an arcade type motor cycle game, an electronic basketball game and numerous other types of resources.

The little superheroes first session was all about meeting their trainer (they were lucky enough to have two trainers, one of whom is in training herself and is one of the little superheroes former swimming instructors!) From their first session, their instructor could gauge what the little superheroes needed to work on, she started to build a rapport with both little superheroes and finally, they were there to have fun.

They did a short workout and they played a few games. And at the end of the session, they both wanted to keep going, and they can't wait for their next session. Both were having so much fun, that they didn't realise that they were working on strengthening their core, as well as further developing their gross and fine motor skills.

All of the activities that the little superheroes will engage in at Holt Bolt will further develop skills that they already have.

So thank you to the trainers at Holt Bolt, we're looking forward to watching the little superheroes further develop their skills.

Tuesday 4 May 2021

Coffee 2020, oops!!

Last year was a complete right off and coffee really did get me through most of the year. This one has been sitting in my draft folder, oops, since the end of last year. So without any further ado, here are a few coffee memes that sum up last year!!!