Henry the Hero

Soon after Henry was placed in 2021, I began to form the idea for a manuscript for a children's story book about Henry, Assistance Dogs and the etiquette when people see an assistance dog while they are working. My idea came about from the interactions and questions we were asked when we were out and about with Henry.

Fast forward to the middle of 2022, and I had completed my manuscript as well as begun to thing about the images that I wanted to accompany each page. I initially wanted to publish my book by December 2022, and as I was on a tight timeframe, I was unable to locate an illustrator who was able to work with my idea. I spoke to many illustrators who wanted to be involved, however they were all locked into other work projects.

So I looked into digital illustrations using photos that we already had of both little superheroes and Henry.

By the beginning of November, my idea was completed and I was ready to send my book to my publisher/printer, however my husbands heart had other ideas and our life was put on hold due to his very sudden and very unexpected open heart surgery.

2023 began and I wanted to make my idea a reality. After contacting my publisher who is also my printer (and a local business where we live,) a proof copy of my book was printed. After myself, Henry and my family approved it (they were all very happy with what I'd sent to my publisher,) the book was sent for final printing.

Which brings us to now! 

My book, Henry the Hero, is a reality and is currently being printed for release early February.

At this stage it is for purchase in Australia only, until I work out the conversion rate for overseas readers. And I am also in the process of creating an e-book version for release on Kindle!

1st of February 2023!

Henry the Hero has been published!

Henry the Hero retails for $20 per book (which includes postage and handling within Australia.) 

For our overseas readers, Henry the Hero retails for $28AUD (which includes postage and handling.)

All books will be paw-tographed by Henry himself!!

If you would like to purchase Henry the Hero, please send me an email at jbetrey@live.com.au

You can also visit my shop to purchase the book.

Henry the Hero (henry-the-hero.myshopify.com)

 A copy of Henry the Hero has been registered with the National Library of Australia.

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