Thursday 26 May 2022



This is what decompression after school looks like ....

This is a child who has no more energy that he burst into tears as soon as the car door closed.

A child who through his tears, sobbed "I need Henry cuddle. School hard 'day."

A child who, is now ordinarily verbal, reverts to using single word replies and shortened sentences.

A child who has pushed his anxiety so far down all day so that no one could tell, and can no longer keep it hidden.

A child who now feels safe, because he is surrounded by unconditional love and support, to show how he is truly feeling.

Autism masking is very real and so very damaging and draining - mentally, physically and emotionally.

Putting on a mask so that you blend in with the crowd, so that your differences aren't noticed by others. Putting on a mask so that you're not labelled as a naughty child. Putting on a mask day after day, makes you question your every being, makes you question your Autistic self.

Today was a hard day ❤️

Henry is working his magic ❤️

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Wednesday 25 May 2022

Happy birthday H litter!

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The week that Henry was placed in 2021, holds two reasons to celebrate - Henry placement day and Henry's birthday.

Henry and his siblings were Covid19 puppies, born in 2020 when Covid19 was taking hold of the world and causing devastation and havoc. 

Henry is from the H litter - each of Smart Pups litters are named after a letter of the alphabet, or have a litter theme - there is a Paw Patrol litter!!

And yet, Henry and his siblings have made a huge positive impact on the children, and their families, that they have been placed with.

This past week, we just had to celebrate Henry's second birthday. The day started with presents for Henry, which he just loved investigating! His most favourite presents? The oversized tennis balls and the yummy treats.

Later in the day we went and collected the most awesome puppy birthday cake that a local business, In My Belly Pupcakes and Treats, made for Henry. And oh my gosh, the lovely ladies at In My Belly did an amazing job.

Henry's human boy was adamant that the cake looked so pawsome that he too was going to have a slice of cake. That is until Henry bit it open and the dehydrated fish heads and liver treats cascaded out!!

Henry is trained to ignore food that is on the ground and to not to eat food until he is given the command. It took a great deal of concentration on Henry's part, not to take a bite of his cake!!

Now usually our Henry hoovers his food, his main meals and any treats, down. But not with his cake. He definitely seemed to be savouring every single mouthful.

And check out these cuties - just a few of Henry's siblings!!


Happy birthday H litter! Thank you for being the most amazing assistance dogs that you are!

And if you're after some amazing pawsome tasty treats for your pups, head over to In My Belly Pupcakes and Treats. Every time we have purchased their treats, they have gone down, well, like a treat! They are a local business who use natural doggy friendly, human grade ingredients to make all of their dog treats. And all of their products are made from scratch and taste tested by their own furry companions. Henry definitely savoured his cake, but he usually inhales their other treats!!

Wednesday 18 May 2022

☆ 365 ☆ Days ☆

 ☆ 365 ☆ Days ☆

18th of May 2021. A date that is significant for our family. It's been 365 days since Henry was introduced to L and our family.

☆ 365 days of Team Henry.

☆ 365 days of nuzzles, laps, overs, hide and seek aka tracking, furry companionship and much much more.

☆ 365 days where Henry has helped to reduce L's, and at times O's, daily anxiety.

☆ 365 days of making L's world feel a little more welcoming and easier to venture out into.

☆ 365 days of Henry's love.

☆ 365 days of life changing Henry magic.

To everyone at Smart Pups, from the trainers to the admin staff, and everyone behind the scenes, to your puppy foster carers, the sponsors of Smart Pups, everyone who has donated funds to Smart Pups. To those who supported us on our fund-raising journey by making donations or donating items for us to raffle, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so very much. We are so very grateful for all of your assistance in helping L's Smart Pup journey become a reality.

Henry is been truly life changing for L, and for us as a family. 

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Friday 6 May 2022

Team Henry: Independence!

This is what independence looks like ❤❤

We have before Henry and after Henry moments, and this at school drop off this morning is a huge after Henry moment.

Before Henry, school drop offs were incredibly difficult for L, especially transitioning from the car to his classroom.

After Henry, L is so much calmer with Henry by his side. This morning, L had his first beginner school band rehearsal. Over the past few weeks he has been a little hesitant and anxious about this, something new and out of his regular routine.

But this morning, L's confidence was shining bright and there wasn't a hint of anxiety at all ❤❤

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