Our Social Media Sites.

You've got to love social media sites - not only are there so many of them to chose from, but the contacts and support that you can gain from them is just wonderful. I really feel like we're slowly creating a little social media family through our various profiles!

If you like what you see and read on my blog, why not head on over to the following social media sites and join our communities there as well!

We are on Facebook at Raising My Little Superheroes. We also have a support and advocacy group on Facebook - it is still in it's infancy but we'd love if you joined us there too!

We're also on Twitter - I am fairly new to the Twitter game but I am slowly figuring it all out - follow this link to read more!!

We have a Pinterest profile as well. I will add that I may be a little addicted to Pinterest, so many great ideas. Here is our link!

We are on Google + at this link!

I also have several articles that have been published on The Mighty - you can check these out here.

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