Saturday 20 May 2017

Conversations that break my heart.....

Before continuing I want to point out that I am incredibly proud of both my little superheroes and what they have both been able to achieve.

Last week at school, O was given the honour of receiving an honour certificate for her achievements in art at the school assembly. She along with numerous other children proudly stood on the stage in front of her peers as they were acknowledged for their academic achievements over the past week. O's academic achievements seem to come naturally to her, she does have to put in effort but learning seems to be a natural process for her. O picks new concepts up very quickly and stores huge amounts of data in her noggin.

L on the other hand has to put in a considerable effort to learn a new skill or concept.

Last night as I was trying to convince L that he really did need to go sleep because Mummy needed to sleep, he came out with "why don't I go on stage?"

We had a short discussion about what he was referring to. Turns out he was very proud of his sister for getting an honour certificate at school but he was sad that he didn't receive one.

L went on to say "Mrs W say that you got to work hard to get one, but I work very hard all day. I don't get one. Why?" And in one short moment, my heart sunk.......

Oh little buddy, you've had to work incredibly hard to get where you are today.

L has come so far in the last 18 months. He is a completely different child and much of it is due to the early intervention centre that he attends. Every week he puts in a huge effort to learn the skills that he needs to navigate our crazy world. L is gradually learning new skills and he puts them into practice every day.

His therapists, his school teachers, his carers at the Outside School Hour Care facility and us are helping him each and every day to pave his way in this world.

L, your time will come for an honour certificate that I am sure of but in the mean time no amount of awards that either you or O receive can equal just proud Daddy and I are of you both. You don't need an award or certificate to show how much you have achieved. We see how much you have achieved each and every day through your perseverance when you find a task difficult.

30th September 2017

I wanted to update this particular post because, drum roll please ............

L now has two honour certificates that he proudly tells everyone about. You should have seen his face when he heard his name being called out at the school assembly, a look of absolute delight!

Both you and O make me proud every day to be your Mama.

Love you little man xxx 


  1. Oh my gosh, hugs to your little man and to you Mamma xxx

  2. Ohhh how sweet! When my daughter succeed in something she has been trying for so long I always try to make the moment special. And when she doesnt we also try to make the moment special so she doesnt feel this pressure to always be the best. But ofcourse even at that age I belive they need some kind or regonition.

  3. Ah,bless them! I have a boy who had to have help too with his development -he had similar self esteem issues so I feel for you x

  4. what a proud parent you are! i love reading this :) this is super special!

  5. It is a hard balance to reward high academic achievement and knowing that achievement doesn’t always look like straight A’s. So happy your son received some awards of his own, but more importantly that he has a mama who supports him.

  6. As mothers of course we see all of our children's strengths but it's so tough when only one is singled out! It's another teachable moment but it's tough for little ones! Very glad to see the update. Your little guy is precious.


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