Monday 26 March 2018

Cheerios Please Mummy!

Conversations with L can be interesting at the best of times and on the weekend just gone, a mini heated discussion was had over an afternoon snack.

L - Mummy, I hungry!

Me - What would you like to eat buddy?

L - Umm, cheerios please!

Me - We don't have any cheerios buddy. 

L - We do! Cheerios please.

So I pulled the pantry apart looking for said Cheerios thinking L meant some type of cereal.

Me - See L, no cheerios. Do you mean fruit loops?

L - Noooo, not fruit loops! We got cheerios.

Me - Do you mean the little red sausages? We don't have any of those either.

L - Nooooo, not sausages! Cheerios! We do got them Mummy. I show you okay?

Me - Yes please little man, show me the cheerios.

L went to the fridge, pulled the meat try and out said - See, that cheerio.

Me - Oh, you mean chorizo.

L - Yep, cheerio. You cook it please Mummy?

Me - If I cook the chorizo, will you share it with me and Daddy?

L - Um, no just sissy and you. Not Daddy!

Well guess what buddy, if Mummy cooks chorizo, everyone gets to eat chorizo!

So what did my little man and his sister have as an afternoon snack but cooked chorizo and lemon slices and they begrudgingly shared it with us!

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