Sunday 16 September 2018

Holy Saturday Superheroes!

Holy Saturday Superheroes! 

Dark Knight Fans can rejoice!

It's Batman Day!

Yes Dark Knight Fans, it is a real day. But up until last week I did not know that there was a day dedicated to all things Batman! I stumbled across it quite by accident through the Oz Comic-Con site - yep, it's less than one week until Oz Comic-Con time!! Obviously I am not a REAL Dark Knight fan! But in saying that, the Dark Knight fans in superhero headquarters also did not know about Batman day!

It turns out that 2018 marks the 5th time that Batman Day has been celebrated and back in July of this year, DC announced that September the 15th 2018 would be Batman Day. The day when all things to do with the Dark Knight could be celebrated and his first appearance in the Detective Comics #27 back in 1939 would be honoured. 

79 years of Batman! Holy Superheroes! That's a long time to be keeping watch over Gotham City!

From the very beginning, Batman has always been one of L's most favourite superheroes. 

So how did L discover Batman? Well, Daddy superhero is a huge fan of all things to do with superheroes. And when L didn't need to sleep, he and Daddy would sit up and watch superhero cartoons. From the start, L was drawn to any television shows or movies or cartoons that had Batman in it! And the older the Batman show, the better!

When L first discovered Batman, he's wanted to dress like Batman. He's wanted to be Batman! Clothing, shoes, bags, movies, drink bottles, you name it, all had to have Batman on it.

Batman (and other superheroes) was the one topic that could get L talking. 

L has more Batman clothing than you can poke a stick at and I am fairly certain that he has a Batman costume from every era of Batman!

So here is the evolution of Batman - according to L! With a little help from O!

And what did we do on Batman Day 2018? We watched a Batman movie of course!! And an Adam West one at that!

Happy Batman Day to you all!

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  1. Superheroes themed birthday bash! It looks spectacular my friend. Thanks for the photos and yeah I love those beautiful replica outfits a lot. Keep entertaining us with your posts. My son also turned 8 in the last month and we threw a star wars themed bash at one of the party venues in Los Angeles. It was super amazing for everyone out there.


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