Sunday 4 August 2019

Our Autism Organiser

When L was diagnosed as ASD in 2016, we started to amass a huge amount of reports, funding plans and other supporting documents. We initially kept these in several folders but I found that it was difficult to keep track of where everything was.

During one of L's therapy sessions, his then key therapist mentioned that the early intervention centre had an Autism Organiser and would I like one. Ah, yes please!

The Autism Organiser that I was given was brilliant and meant that everything pertaining to L, his Autism and his medical issues, were now kept in one magical folder. This orgainser became our Autism bible.

This is the folder that we take to IEP meetings, new therapy providers, NDIS planning meetings, specialist appointments and any other meeting or appointment in which we may need any of the information in the folder.

Prior to O being given her ASD diagnosis, I was able to get my hands on another Autism Organiser. 

Each time that we have pulled out the Autism Organisers during meetings, people have commented on how useful they organisers are as well as how organised the folders are.

Over the last three years, I have added sections to the original Autism Organiser that we were given. I've added new forms that we use to add new information or when we are leading up to a NDIS plan review. And every year, our two Autism Organisers are updated with larger folders to accommodate the new documents that we gain.

Recently I created a new version of the Autism Organiser and I would like to share it with you all.

So what do you need to create your very own Autism Organiser?

A plastic folder of some description. We use two three ring plastic binders, one for each little superhero.

You'll need to print out a copy of the Raising My Little Superheroes Autism Organiser, which you can download here!

I have laminated each of the section pages so that they easily stand out in the folders. For each section, we then use plastic sleeves to keep all the documents in one place.

The Autism Organiser contains the following sections - Participant Information, Diagnostic Information, Funding Information, Service Provider Agreements, Service Provider Information, School/Education Information, Personal Information, Education Resources and Important Contacts. Each section has a little blurb about what we have found useful about that section and what you might want to include in the section. In the Personal Information section I have created a form that we found useful when planning for the little superheroes NDIS reviews.

You can download your copy of this Autism Organiser here!

I have no doubt that over the foreseeable future, I will be adding to this organiser, so stay tuned for updates!

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