Monday 25 November 2019

My Wish for My Little Superheroes

Like most parents the world over, there are many things that I want for my little superheroes in the future and there are many more things that I want them to know. 

Both O and L have been struggling with their self belief and their self confidence over the last few weeks. Both O and L have been incredibly anxious to the point that their anxiety has prevented them from doing the things that they both love. Many of the specialist appointments that we've attended recently have focused heavily on what they can't do, on their deficits, rather than on the things that they can do very well.

So I wanted to write down the things that I want them both to know. Many of these wishes, these positives, we constantly talk with both O and L about so that they know just how much they are loved and just how much we are proud of them.

💓 I love watching you both grow and develop your own little personalities. You are both incredible, amazing, capable little superheroes. Please always keep being you. I love that you are both happy, well most of time, just being yourselves. You both have your own sense of style and you both own it. Please don't ever change just to fit in with the crowd around you. This world needs people with differences in it. I know that at times it is incredibly hard to find your own way and be yourself but you know what? If people walk away because they want you to be someone that you're not, then that is their loss and not yours.

💓 Keep learning. I love that you both want to constantly learn. Not because you want better grades at school or to know everything. You both just love learning and trying new things. I love just how curious you both are and your sense of wonder. You both find joy in the little things and you open my eyes every day on how you view the world around you. I want you both to be always willing to learn new things and expand your minds. You both push yourselves on a very regular basis beyond your comfort zones and for this I am so very proud of you.

💓 I love that you are both accepting of the differences in others. Please keep this quality in you. Keep being respectful of others thoughts and opinions, even though at times, their opinions may be different than those of your own. You are both kind and caring souls, share some of this around as the world needs more of it. As your Daddy and I constantly tell you, kindness and politeness goes a very long way in helping others to feel respected. You don't have to like everyone, you do need to keep being polite.

💓 Stand up for those who need someone to stand up for them. Be the person that stands up to the bullies. Be the person who encourages others to stand up for those who are being bullied. Be the person that through your words and your actions, you can motivate and inspire others to be a better person.

💓 Listen to your mind and your heart. Take on board the advice that others will give you, but at the end of day, you are your own person. You are the one that has to live with the consequences of your actions. I know that you both are very capable of making wise choices for not only yourselves but also for others.

💓 Be confident in your abilities and be proud of your achievements. Every day I watch you both get up out of bed and put one foot in front of the other. You have both overcome not only obstacles, but mountains that have been in your way. Not once have either of you said "I give up, I can't do it." There have been moments when you have doubted your own abilities but these moments have never, ever stopped you. I see the confidence in you both of you. If you find yourself saying "I can't do this," add the word "yet" to the sentence - I can't do this yet. And then think of a way to get to your end goal. You are both out the box thinkers and I love this quality in you both. You have both come so far in the last few years and I cannot wait to see what you achieve in the future.

💓 Lastly, keep your zest for life. No matter the situation or where you find yourself, have fun. Enjoy everything that you do and look for the rainbow if you ever find yourself in a dark place.

You both make me very proud on a daily basis to be your Mama and no matter where you are or what you do, I will always be here for you xxx

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  1. I love this. When I was teaching, I tried to focus mostly on a strengths model but understood that the therapists in the school had to concentrate and what was missing, what was next. Not yet is so powerful for kids. Love the photos.


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