Sunday 1 March 2020

Thoughts from my children ..... Part Two

Both of my little superheroes have voices. O is wanting to self advocate for herself and others, and L is beginning to articulate his thoughts. I want them both to have more of a voice on my blog, so here are a few more of their thoughts.

I love listening to them describe how they think, feel and view the world around them as it gives me more insight into their world.

[What is normal? Our normal is having Autism. Another person's normal is not having Autism. Everyone's normal is different from each other so there is no such thing as normal.
O, 10 years.]

[Autism isn't like a light bulb. I can't turn my Autism on and off.
If you can't see my Autism then you need to look a little closer.
O, 10 years.]

[Why do people say that Autism needs to be cured?
Autism isn't a disease, it isn't an illness. Autism is a different way of thinking and viewing the world. We don't need to be cured. We need to be accepted for who we are.
O, 10 years.]

[My brain don't like when there too much noise. 
My brain tells me I got to escape cos it scared.
L, 7 years.]

[I got Awes-tism and I got 80-HD.
So I'm awesome and I got fast brain superpower!
L, 7 years.]

[Sometimes I can't talk. I want to talk and I see the pictures in my brain that I want to say but the words get stuck. Then my brain get confused and the pictures move too fast so I got to use my sounds and my hands to do the talking thing.
L, 7 years.]

[Sometimes my brain not let me talk so I got to use my hands to do the talking 
and my eyes to do the listening.
L, 7 years.]

[During a meltdown ....
I can't respond to you, my brain won't let me, so please just stay nearby.
I don't meant to lash out, please don't take it personally, my brain is hijacking my body.
I may repeat phrases, but I don't remember what I am saying.
Reassure me and keep me safe.
Talking to me makes my brain think there is more danger, so please try not to talk.
Afterwards, I may just want a cuddle to comfort me.
O, 10 years.]

[My Autism is my Autism.
My brother's Autism is his Autism.
We're both different but similar at the same time.
O, 10 years.]

[Just because you can't see my Autism or my anxiety. doesn't mean that it's not there. What you see on the outside of me, doesn't necessarily represent how I feel on the inside.
O, 10 years.]

[Autism, anxiety, sensory processing difficulties, ADHD aren't always visible. But that doesn't make them any less real.
O, 11 years.]

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