Sunday 25 April 2021

Lachlan's Smart Pup


I feel very, very slack as I haven't made time to work on my blog at all this year. Between work and family commitments, 2021 is flying by. This weekend is a long weekend, three days off, so I'm putting some time aside to work on a few posts.

The first being this one! An update for you all on L's Autism Assistance Smart Pup. Earlier last year, I published a post with the fantastic news that we'd reached our fundraising goal and that L had been presented with his pup at a fundraising function that we were invited to.

Towards the end of 2020, we received the unfortunate news that the pup, Wally, that was presented to L was found to be unsuitable during one of the training phrases. Wally became very anxious in social settings and busy places. And unfortunately that isn't a trait that one wants to see in an assistance dog. We went up to the Smart Pups property and L met a few other dogs that were, at that point, in the training program.

Then a few weeks ago, we received the most amazing news via email from Smart Pups.

L had been paired with a black Labrador named Henry. When we read the email out to L, you could not wipe the smile from L's face. L went straight up to the calendar in his room and put a huge circle on the day that Henry is due to be placed with us, which is in mid May.

Then last week we were sent this photo of Henry, he has graduated from the Smart Pups training program and his trainer is just fine tuning his skills until Henry is placed with us. Doesn't Henry look super smart in his coat and graduation cap ♥️

So now the countdown is almost over, L is beyond excited and we can't wait to finally meet Henry. Keep an eye on this space so our next update.

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