Friday 12 November 2021

Teach your children to be kind


Teach your children to be kind.

Teach them that differences are what make our world, our communities, society a better place.

Teach them that if they don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything.

Teach them that words hurt. Words stick like cement and they are incredibly hard to remove.

Teach them that just because they are NOT lucky enough to be Autistic, or ADHD, this doesn't make them better, smarter, faster or more intelligent than those who are Autistic or ADHD.

Educate them that without these amazing ADHD and Autistic minds, those Pokemon that they love, may never have been thought up. Those Dogman books that they love reading, may never have been written. That rap artist they listen to, may never have penned those songs. That gymnast who they idolise - ADHD. The list is endless of amazing, talented neurodiverse minds. All of which have made a positive impact on our world.


Because tonight, this little superhero is asking why him? Why am I Autistic? Why can't I be the same as everyone else? Why do I struggle with things that other kids don't struggle with?

Because if you were the same as everyone else, you wouldn't be you. Because the world needs minds like yours that think way outside of the box on the precipice. Because you were born to be you.

This journey is hard. We take 5 steps forward and then about fifty back. Tomorrow we'll start the journey forward again because we don't give up without a fight.

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