Wednesday 30 March 2022

Some new Memes

 Who loves a Meme? Here's a few that we've posted on our social media profiles!

[If an Autistic person is non-verbal, still include them in conversations.
You may be surprised at just how much they are taking in.]

[Meet your child where they are developmentally here and now,
rather then be concerned by where medical or education
professionals say that your child should be.]

[Stop and admire the little things in life,
the tiny details that we miss through
being busy, because these can be the most
wonderous things.]

[Be so completely yourself that everyone else
feels safe to be themselves too. Unknown.]

[Normal is not a goal for me.
Normal isn't a compliment.
Normal is too much like playing tetris,
fitting in for the sake of fitting in.
O, 12 years.]

[Neurodiversity is....
A different way of thinking.
A different way of processing everything that an individual
sees, feels and hears in th3e world around them.
A different way of communication ones needs,
thoughts and wants.]

[Remember to choose the battles that you want to fight.
But also, for your children sake,
fight the battles that need to be fought.]

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