Friday 8 April 2022

Sometimes, sarcasm is the best way to respond!

There are times in anyone's life, that the best way to respond to questions or statements is with sarcasm. Over the last few years, I've become quite versed in interpreting how questions are asked. 

If the person asking the question is genuinely interested in learning more about Autism and our journey, I will take the time to politely correct them and education them about Autism.

And then there are the people are just down right rude and obnoxious. And that's when one of the below responses will slip out! Oops, sorry not sorry!

[Oh, you're neurotypical? So to what degree are you normal?
 Are you slightly normal or very normal?}

["Their struggles are all in their head."

You're right, their struggles are in their heads, Autism is a
neurological difference. I didn't realise that you had
x-ray and MRI vision to be able to see their differences.]

[Random person: "They don't look Autistic."
Me: Oops, my bad. I haven't taught them how to look Autistic yet.
Can you show them because clearly you know what Autism looks like.]

[Random person: "They aren't drugged are they."
Me: If you are referring to medication, yes they do take medication. At this moment in time,
they require medication to keep their anxiety at bay so that they can
learn how to self manage their severe anxiety.
Are you drugged for your stupidity?]

[Random person: "There's no such thing as Autism."
Me: Actually Autism does exist. And while we're on the subject of things that
don't exist, I didn't believe that there were walking adverts for contraception
but here we are.]

[Random person: (insert unsolicited advice here..)
Me: excuse me for interrupting you, but here's some unsolicited advice
for you. STFU and ping off.]

[Random person: "They'll get better when they are adults."
Me: Yes they will get better. Better at using sarcasm to deflect comments like yours.
Autism doesn't end at 18 years.]

[Share this on your profile is you know, or are related to someone,
who is an idiot. Idiots affect the lives of many. There is still
no known cure for stupidity, but we can raise awareness.
93% won't share this, many because they're too stupid
to know how.]

[Random person: "Don't you wish that there was a cure for Autism?"
Me: No. Why would anyone want neurodiversity to disappear? But did you
know that there is a cure for ignorance?]

[Random person: "What's wrong with him?"
Me: Absolutely nothing, he's neurodiverse and extremely happy.
What's wrong with you?]

[They don't look Autistic you say? I apologise, next time
I'll make sure that they're wearing their Autistic clothes!]

[Random person: "Don't you wish there was a cure?"
Me: A cure? You know that there is a cure for stupidity and ignorance, it's called
talking to and listening to Autistic voices.]

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