Saturday 27 August 2022

Just a weekend giggle for you!!


Your weekend giggle, courtesy of L .... this is an incident that happened a few weekends ago when we were out as a family. L always keeps life interesting!!

Things we say before getting into a lift...

Us ... L what aren't you going to do?

L ... Get my arm stuck!

Now the back story.

Up at Sunshine Plaza, we all get into a lift on level 3 to go down. At level 1, Scott, O and Alaska get out of the lift as I say to Henry and L "let's go," to which L says "I can't."

Me ... what's wrong?

L ... I'm stuck!

Me ... wait, what??

L ... My arm is stuck.

Me ... (thinking to myself) WTF Of course you are!

Then I saw where his arm, elbow actually, was stuck ... in the gap between the bar and the wall. By now Scott, O and Alaska are out of the lift, standing with people wanting to get into the lift in the middle of Myers, yes Myers! Me? I'm starting to giggle quietly but to the point that if I talk, I'll PMSL, so instead of calling out to Scott to tell him that L is stuck, I try to hit the open door button but am too late. Door closes to go down a level. Okay, we're in this now, let's get L's elbow unstuck!

So I try to get L's elbow out, all the while Henry is sitting and staring at L as if to say "what the fluff, how you stuck boi?" 

The door opens on level G in Myers and a lady comes into the lift, nope we're not getting out, we need to go back up to level 1. As the door closes to go back up, I get L's elbow unstuck and I'm at the point that I'm trying really hard not to laugh out loud. 

L ... thanks Mum!

Cue the door opening on level 1, Scott, O, Alaska and everyone who was previously waiting to get into the lift are all staring at us.

I'm now at the point where I physically can't speak because I'm PMSL very quietly. I can't even apologise to those waiting or explain to Scott what happened.

As we walk out through Myers, O keeps asking "are you okay?" and "what happened?" I still can't talk, so L says "I got my arm stuck!" At which point I can't contain my laughter.

Scott and O's response to L ... Of course you did!

No child was physically harmed or injured, just a little embarrassed!! But a lesson was hopefully learnt, don't stick your elbow in the gap between the bar and the wall!

Oh and the photo was taken on the second lift ride!!

L keeping life interesting since 2012.

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