Tuesday 18 October 2022

What does independence look like??

 What does independence look like? 


Both kids were meant to walk to their grandparents place after school today, but unfortunately O went home early. The look on L's face when he saw that I was picking him up from school was definitely one of "wtf are you doing here??"

We still needed to go to Grandma's as they had the puppers today, so when I asked L if he wanted to go in the car, or walk, he jumped at the chance to walk by himself.

After a few ground rules about stopping at the road he'd need to cross and looking for cars before he walked across the road, he was off. 

Keep in mind that Grandma and Dudduds is only a few minutes walk from school.

As I drove around the block, I will admit that I half thought I'd find L collecting sticks or rocks on the way, we get distracted very easily and there are some awesome sticks in the park he had to cross first!

I will also admit that I was slightly nervous, but the only way L will develop these skills is by us letting him try!!

But no, he'd run to the road, stopped and looked for cars, walked across and then ran all the way to Grandma, who was waiting out of view inside but keeping an eye out for L.

This is a HUGE step for L. A few years ago, crossing the road by himself was not something that he could do safely.

It's only a short distance but a huge step of independence for L.

One of his goals in L's NDIS plan, is around developing skills to be safe in the community - that goal has been in his plan since day dot, 7 years, 8 plans. 

Community safety is now a reality, this kid is kicking goals!!

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