Monday 16 October 2023

The Helpie Kelpie!

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Books, books and more books! Yet another paw-some book landed on our doorstep during the week. A book about a different type of working dog!

The Helpie Kelpie and the tool thief is written by yet another Australian author, Alicia Case.

Inca, the Helpie Kelpie and the star of the book, is a rescue Kelpie who goes to work with her Dad on construction sites. As the title suggests, there's a tool thief and Inca is in the right place at the right time.

So what are O and L's take on the book?

Me: What do you think about this book?

L: This is a good story. Inca is very cute and he's a Kelpie like Alaska! That's cool!

O: This is a really good story. There are so many different types of working dogs, and not just Assistance Dogs. Work sites would have dogs on them.

L: Uncle Pat is a tradie?

Me: He sure is.

L: I wonder if Uncle Pat takes his dogs to work!

O: You should ask him next time we see them! But this is a really good book. I love that Inca is a real life Kelpie that goes to work with his Dad.

Me: Who would you recommend this book to?

O: I think this would be a great book for all children. It introduces the reader to a different kind of working dog, so that's a great thing. We need more books about working dogs so that people become more aware about the roles that they play.

L: Yep, what Sissy said!

Me: Out of 5 paws, how many stars would you rate this book?

L: 5 paws! So many great 5 paw books!

O: Another 5 paws book!

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