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What have I started! O wanted to look at my blog, not a problem. She'd now like to share her knowledge with you all :) This will be a continually evolving project, as O discovers new information, I am guessing that she will want to add to this. I do love my little girl, she is so curious!

I really like Tigers so I wanted to learn about tigers that I haven't seen before.

Caspian Tiger Facts
The Caspian tiger is extinct. The males weighed 170 to 240 kilograms but the females weighed 85 to 135 kilograms. That's pretty heavy. The Caspian tiger had been recorded in the wild before the end of the 20th century. The Caspian tiger lived in the sparse forest habitats and riverine corridors west and south of the Caspian Sea.

Javan Tiger Facts.
The Javan Tiger is extinct too. The males weighed between 100 and 141 kilograms and the females weighed between 75 and 115 kilograms. The Javan tiger is an extinct subspecies that lived on the Indonesian Island of Java until the mid 1970's. That wasn't that long ago.

I wonder why the Caspian Tiger and the Javan Tiger went extinct. This is why we have to be careful and look after the environment because we don't want more animals to become extinct. there's lots of endangered animals and that is not good.

11th of August 2017 - What I know about Sophie Munn.

I am learning about Sophie Munn in my art classes at school. Sophie Munn is a mix media artist and she uses seed pods to create her art. She started her artwork in 2009. When Sophie Munn was a child, like me, she used to love collecting seed pods and she still loves them now that she is an adult. Sophie Munn's artwork can be called abstract art. I like what she does with the seed pods. My Mummy found her blog so here is a link to Sophie Munn's blog about her art. I think her art is really cool because it is abstract and because she uses nature, so her art work is also sustainable. Her art work is also very pretty and I like pretty pictures.


  1. O has some great research skills! Would O be able to share some pictures of the two tigers or maybe draw a picture? I think having some blog posts just from O is a great idea. I bet other kids would love to hear more about O.

  2. Hi Jenny,
    how delightful to read this post from your daughter. I was curious about the school she goes to that mentioned my work. Are you in Brisbane or another part of Australia? I'm just responding to your email now. Thanks so much for sharing this. Please thank O very much for the lovely post she created. Its very special!

    1. Hello Sophie, thank you for reading my blog. I really like your artwork. Seeds are amazing. O

  3. I must admit to using Sophie's art in a special school that I relieve in. One of the classes was covering seeds as their topic and I showed them the Facebook pictures. The children in this particular class have very high needs so I drew a few images on paper to be photocopied...they had to be large so that the students could manage as their fine motor skills are limited...and they loved them! The staff were impressed with the time the children spent on adding colour to the designs. I used Dr Seuss's story of The Bippolo Tree as motivation. Awesome success. I always take my own art supplies to school because they are high quality and I am a great believer in providing the very best of materials that can be afforded for children to use. I think your daughter is a very clever girl!

    1. Thank you so much Bonnie, we think that O is very clever too. I love working with special needs children, they always make me think in other ways and outside the box. I love that O is drawn to Sophie's work. And I will have to look for the book.

  4. Oopsie...the story is The Bippolo Seed...not tree.


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