Sunday 25 September 2016

On holidays with little superheroes

We worked out earlier this year that we hadn't been on a decent holiday as a family in about four years. So it was great timing in January that we found out that we were invited to a family wedding in September and that there would be a 70th birthday to go to a week later!

Then came the planning - how would we travel, where would we stay, how long would we go for and so on. Then the questions, how is L going to go on the plane, do we do a night flight and hopefully the little superheroes would sleep all the way, or a day flight and hope the little superheroes behave themselves. The last time L went on a plane, it was a bit of a disaster.

Well, I can happily say that we are on holidays and are loving the break.

Both little superheroes had their melatonin just before we got on our first flight, but alas they both decided that sleep was optional. They did keep themselves busy watching movies and were very well behaved. I can say that it was a loooong 12 hours from the time we left to the time that we arrived.

The little superheroes have had a ball exploring the beach near where we are staying, although I'm not sure who has been having more fun, the little ones or the big over grown kid!

They've created a mini aquarium in the cabin complete with hermit crabs, a lonely little yabby and a little bivalve mollusc. The big over grown kid had a ball converting an empty 2L soft drink bottle into a decent looking aquarium.

We're about to go and release them back at the beach, although L is set on packing them in his suitcase to take on our next leg. Don't think the airline would be happy about that though!

L was fascinated by all the sea creatures at the Aquarium, he wasn't too keen when the Queensland Groper swam by but wanted to get closer to the reef sharks!

O met a real life Mermaid, Magenta, and was in heaven. It was all that she could talk about for the rest of the day!

Both little superheroes had a ball at the Museum, they were in lego heaven, we didn't hear a peep out of them as they built amazing creations, They introduced their Poppy to all the superhero lego!

They've both made new friends, met new cousins to play superhero games with, and caught up with relatives that they haven't seen in a long time.

L is struggling with the concept of being away from his house, each night we have to explain that we're staying here and not going on another airplane just yet. But each day, he is becoming more settled.

And touch wood, we haven't had a major meltdown. We've come close a few times but have been able to distract both of them before we've got to the final stage. L has had to use his head phones a couple of times, it is great to see him recognising when he needs a break!

Now for the next leg in our holiday, wish us luck with the next flight!!

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