Sunday 12 March 2017

A visit to the beach

Each year Sculpture by the Sea, Cottlesloe is held on the gorgeous Cottlesloe Beach. We all love the beach and Daddy superhero and I love art, so it combines all our interests. Every year we make plans to go but never actually end up getting there, we're always way laid with other plans or prior commitments.

After baking bread this morning, we decided that we would brave the nasty looking storm clouds and do a spur of the moment drive to Cottlesloe. All the way to Cottlesloe we heard the obligatory "are we there yet?" and "how much longer?" When we arrived I am glad that we did make the drive.

When we got out of the car, both O and L saw the beach and were off. And then they saw the tee pees, I could see their brains ticking over as we walked down the pathway as to what to do first. Ocean or tee pees!

O and L jumped straight into what looked like a bean bag before realising that they weren't that comfortable after all. They were then off to the water's edge to collect shells and play in the water.

We slowly started meandering down the beach, Daddy superhero and I tag teaming to look at the sculptures while the little superheros played on the beach. The sculptures didn't disappoint, they were amazing, some even caught the attention of my little superheroes.

L was very excited when he heard and saw some Black Hawk Helicopters "Just like cousin Mikeys!" Obviously not part of the exhibition but still very impressive.

But in the end the beach, water and shells won out. The little superheroes had a ball. They dug holes and channels, they built sandcastles, they chased the waves and collected shells. They had sand in places where sand probably shouldn't go, but they had fun.

L was convinced that there were BIG sharks in the water and collected a handful of sand that he carted down the beach as he desperately wanted to feed the said sharks!

We were even able to have a family photo taken while we sat on one of the sculptures, although convincing O that we were allowed to did take a while!

And thankfully the rain held off until we got back into the car to drive home.

If you ask L what the highlight of the impromptu drive was? Hearing the shark siren as we walked from the car to find some lunch but he was very disappointed that he couldn't see the sharks! Next time buddy, next time!

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