Sunday 12 March 2017

Welcome to Superhero Cooking School!

Both of my little superheroes have aversions to particular foods but we are very fortunate that they both are reasonably good eaters.

Whether we are cooking in the kitchen or outside on the barbeque, one or both of the little superheroes can be found hovering around wanting to help mix or offering to be a taste tester.

From a young age O has always been interested in helping in the kitchen and she's always expressed her desire to learn how to cook. She received a kids cook book for her birthday a few years ago and she is constantly picking recipes out of it to cook with us.

L has always been intrigued by cooking shows and he just loves food in general! Other than superhero shows and movies, he will sit and watch a cooking show!

Just recently we've been watching a children's cooking show that is based in the US. After watching an episode L said to us "when I get big, I go on a cooking show." He has big ambitions which is wonderful. O then chimed in and asked when could they help to cook dinner.

So on Friday afternoon on the way home from school, Daddy superhero took both little superheroes to the shops and together they picked out the ingredients to make several meals over the weekend.

On Saturday I was lucky enough to have a night off from kitchen duties as Daddy superhero, L and O took over and made hamburgers.

There were some interesting conversations happening around the dining room table as they made the hamburgers:

"How is mince chopped?" and "Why can't I eat the egg shell?" and "Ooh that feels disgusting!" We need to refine L's technique for cracking an egg, there were lots of little bits of egg shell that needed to be retrieved from the mince!

Both of my little superheroes had a go at using the vegetable peeler and the grater and no one lost any fingers!

Mixing all the ingredients together with their hands got lots of "ooh disgusting" remarks from L!

The end result were very delicious hamburgers which O picked at and L refused to eat! If we had mushed the hamburgers up and called it mince, they would have eaten it for sure!  Food aversions, oh well!

This morning Daddy superhero was woken to a little voice saying "It's bread making time!" O couldn't wait to make her bread, she got stuck straight into it so I missed taking photos, was my turn for a sleep in!

Nothing better than a fresh loaf of bread for breakfast!

When Daddy superhero asked L if he wanted to make his bread he replied with "no, wait for Mummy!" and I was promptly woken up.

As L was pouring the flour into his bowl, he dropped the bag and a huge flour cloud rose up. L's response was "Cool, I like a scientist!"

Both of the little superheroes were fascinated by the rising dough! They wanted to know all the ins and out of how yeast helps the dough to rise.

L's bread looked great as well but no photos were allowed. Both the little superheroes did a wonderful job with helping with the hamburgers and the bread making. Apparently the next recipe that O wants to have a go at is a chocolate sponge cake.

And throughout the whole process, Daddy superhero didn't lose his cool once!!

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