Tuesday 8 August 2017

I gotted spiderman on my head Mummy!

A few of the boys in L's class at school have recently had haircuts with a spider web track pattern cut into the side of their head.

As soon as L saw his friends at school, he declared "me want too please!" The last time he uttered these words was roughly a month ago and we'd thought that he'd forgotten about it.

Apparently not!

Today it was time for another trip to L's most favourite hair dresser and on the way there L told Daddy superhero that he wanted a spider man hair cut.

After gaining my approval, because he didn't want me to lost my you know what, Daddy superhero, L and O set off to find Sarah.

I can honestly say that I was quite dubious as to whether or not L would go through with his request and I will admit that I thought that I would come home to L with a partially shaved head as I thought that he might chicken out part through the hair cut.

I am very happy to say that I was completely wrong.

L now has spider web tracks on the side of his head and I must admit, L looks like a pretty spunky kid with his new haircut!

We really have found an awesome hairdresser who "gets" L!

Thanks Sarah.

P.S. L wants a lightening bolt next time!!

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