Friday 4 August 2017

Migraines suck

For as long as I can remember, I've always suffered from migraines. They come from out of no where and can last for days.

The migraines that I suffer from are truly debilitating - all that helps is a dark room, no noise and sleep, lots of sleep. I do take a migraine medication when I need to, but it is something that I try to avoid as it generally makes me very sleepy.

I can go for months without having a migraine and then get hit with one that grounds me for up to three or four days. And no amount of pain management makes the migraine go away.

I've come to realise that I have certain triggers for my migraines and where possible I try my hardest to avoid the triggers. However this is not always possible.

I have been hoping that neither of my little superheroes would inherit migraines as they are not something that I would wish upon anyone.

In the last few months O has described to me that she has come down with what appears to be a headache. But she has always bounced back with a dose of Panadol.

Last night O went to bed with quite a bad headache but we put it down to the late night that she had the previous evening and the number of pillows in her bed that cause her to sleep at some very odd angles.

It did not occur to me that perhaps she had the start of a migraine. When she woke this morning, she was complaining of feeling unwell but she toughened up and went to school.

This afternoon however, my little girl was hit with her first full blown migraine. How she looked and how she described the pain in her head, the pain that noise and bright lights were causing her, was exactly how what I feel when I have a migraine. The educator from the outside school hours care facility who brought O over to my workplace this evening said that just by looking at O, you could tell that she was in a lot of pain. She guessed that O was feeling how I felt yesterday.

And the fact that O crawled straight into a warm shower after having some medication, didn't eat all that much for dinner and then voluntarily went to bed very soon after arriving home confirms my thoughts.

I do hope that she feels much better in the morning. My poor little superhero, I feel quite guilty for sending her to school today :(

Migraines suck! So please go away migraine and leave my little one alone.

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  1. Yes, you are right! Living in a dark room, no noise and sleep, lots of sleep can help you to reduce severe migraines. Also staying hydrated and drinking water in the regular interval can also prevent migraine pain because 80% of the headache problem caused because of dehydration. Also, practicing Yoga and meditation can help to prevent migraines and headache.


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