Tuesday 6 February 2018

The Traits of ASD that I love ....

I was asked recently to list one of my little superheroes ASD traits that I really loved.

And to be quite honest I was well and truly stopped in my tracks. Not because I couldn't think of a trait that I really loved. I was stopped in my tracks because there are so many of my little superheroes ASD traits that I truly love.

I love O's dry sense of humour. At times O's sense of humour seems to be beyond her years. A few years ago she had one of her teachers at school in stitches with a speech that she gave to her class. And another of her teachers loved having O in her class, as O got ALL of the jokes that the teacher made. O would be sitting in the class giggling away as her classmates didn't know what to do!

I love O and L's innocence and their absolute honest approach to life. A life in which they expect everyone to do the right thing. And when someone doesn't do the right thing, they are horrified. I don't want either of my little superheroes to lose this honest approach to life, I do want them to become a little more world wiser.

I love L's determination in every thing that he does. He never gives up! L approaches every situation with enthusiasm and a can-do attitude.

I love the affection that both O and L show to us, to each other and to others. They have their moments when they just don't want any affection what so ever, but every now and then they both give me hugs just because. And they are BIG hugs that literally knock me off my feet and the wind out of my sails.

I love their honesty. Neither O nor L can tell a lie to save themselves - it is written right across their faces. Their honesty shows in their eyes. We don't keep secrets in superhero headquarters, but even if we did neither O nor L can keep one! If you buy a present for someone in our family, don't tell O or L, because nine times out of ten, they will let slip what the present is.

I love the empathy that O has always had towards others and that L is developing. It does not matter if they have known you for five minutes, five days or five years, they will both show concern. O shows concern for people that she hasn't yet met!

I love the attention to detail that they both have with their obsessions and interests. The facts and figures, the names, the descriptions, their willingness to tell anyone and everyone what they know about their obsessions and interests. Their willingness to correct us when we get something wrong!

I love just how literal that both O and L are. Literal in their thinking and how they process and carry out tasks. Their literalness makes me rethink how I approach tasks and how I speak with people on a daily basis.

I would not change a single thing about either of my little superheroes. They are perfect just the way they are!


  1. aww this is so sweet ! what a great little letter to your sweet superheroes!

  2. This is so sweet! What is not to love about these little cuties. I truly enjoy reading your posts.

  3. This is such a sweet post! O and L seem like sure wonderful little souls <3

  4. love this post, and my little one also teaches me how to do stuff in a non-complicated manner, not overthinking it all.

  5. This is such a great post, O, and L is such a cutie. You are doing a wonderful job raising them.


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