Saturday 7 April 2018

Autism Is For Life.

It is astonishing the number of people who say to us "oh, they'll grow out of it, won't they?"

No, no they won't. This statement really shows just how little understanding there is about Autism by society.

Autism is for life.

Children who are diagnosed with Autism grow up to become adults living with Autism.

Autism is not something that you miraculously grow out of the minute you turn eighteen years of age.

Individuals may develop or learn strategies that they can use when in sensory overload or to manage anxiety or when they are in other situations. But Autism is not something that you grow out of.

And due to the misconception that Autism is something that an individual will grow out of, the supports are often not in place after an individual turns eighteen years old.

Autistic individuals need support, no matter how old or young they are.

So here is my little bit towards spreading a little more Autism Awareness and Acceptance!



  1. Lovely video.I agree there must be more awareness and acceptance about Autism so that people are not so ignorant.

  2. This was really informative and I'm sure we need to spread awareness about Autism. They need a life long support and we all need to help build ample resources for them.

  3. I have done two research papers on Autism and my husband and I are in a constant fight to get our daughter Emily diagnosed. I was always called a day dreamer when in school. I wonder now if it really isn’t Autism. I cannot stand large crowds or extremely loud noises. I wish you luck on your journey with Autism and would love to hear any tips and tricks that you have for combating the behavior to dart.

  4. Great video! You are so right, there is definitely very little understanding of Autism, and even special needs in general.

  5. I agree that we need true understanding and acceptance of Autism!

  6. It's funny how things can just be assumed by society without them knowing all that really goes into it. This video was a great teaching tool and I admire you, mama!


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