Sunday 25 November 2018

Supanova Comic Con and Gaming Expo, Brisbane 2018

A few weekends ago it was that time of year again. Supanova Comic Con and Gaming Expo, Brisbane.

If you haven't guessed by now, we're a wee bit superhero mad around here. Comic-Con and Supanova are two of our yearly outings. Both of my little superheroes, but particularly L, love their superheroes. L's obsession has always been, and probably always will be, superheroes.

At Supanova and Comic-Con, L is in his element. It is truly magical to watch his face light up as he is on the look out for his favourite superheroes. It is also the one day of the year that he willingly wants his photo taken, all day!!

L plans his costumes, yes we take multiple costumes for L, months in advance. A few days before hand, L will put his chosen costumes aside so that they don't get dirty! O is also very prepared - she usually decides a few months out what she is going to go dressed as so that I can make her costume. Although this year I cheated and brought her costume online! This year we also decided that the little superheroes could bring a friend along for the day. L took his best mate to Comic-Con earlier this year, so it was O's turn to bring a friend along and induct her into the Supanova experience!

So without any further ado, here are a few snaps of our Supanova outing!

Each expo we try to get a photo with a few of the guests. John Barrowman from Torchwood is one of mine and Daddy superheroes favourite actors so this photo was a must. John was absolutely brilliant with the little superheroes. And if you get the opportunity to meet John, be warned, he is prepared to do almost anything in the photos!

As was a photo with Superman, a.k.a. Dean Cain. Dean was the one person that L was desperate to meet. L was ready to meet Superman at about 5am in the morning! We had to keep reminding L that Dean wouldn't be dressed as Superman, he'd be dressed as Clark Kent - to keep his superhero identity a secret and all! L waltzed into the photo area to meet Dean, stoped dead in his tracks and pipes up with (very loudly) "You not Clark Kent!" No glasses in sight so how could he be Clark!!! Dean took it all in his stride, I'm quite sure he's used to those comments from children, and started interacting with my little superheroes. He made L's day! And it is the first expo that we've been to that L hasn't wanted to change costumes multiple times! He was staying as Superman! After this photo it was truly a wonderful sight to watch L - he was so animated about meeting Superman.

We also wanted to get a photo with Bonnie Wright, a.k.a. Ginny Weasley from the Harry Potter movies. O was able to get Bonnie's autograph a few years ago and when she found out that Bonnie would be at Supanova, she wanted a photo to go with her autograph. One very happy little superhero!

L …. "Is he a real wizard? I not want to be turned into a frog!"

The girls were asked to look up at the ceiling in horror! 

The little superheroes were given the opportunity by Bethesda ANZ to dress as an Elf with various Cosplay props. L was convinced that the cloak had to go over his head. Completely. No matter how hard I attempted to convince him otherwise, he kept pulling the cloak back down over his eyes …. "I still see you Mummy!" Okay dude!

The details in a number of the Cosplay outfits were spectacular! This Warhammer Cosplayer was amazing! L was amazed by Warhammer when we saw him at Comic-Con and was equally amazed at Supanova.

L is fascinated by Deadpool and is desperate to watch the movies. He is well aware that a rating of MA on a movie means that he is not allowed to watch it but that doesn't mean that he has stopped asking to watch the Deadpool movies! Little dude, there is no way that you are watching these movies yet!
L …. "When I a teenager then?"
Nope, nope nopeity nope!

You're Welcome!

Sorry Batman, you were replaced by Superman today! Normally a photo, or two or three, with Batman is a must for L. If we'd spotted Batman prior to the photo with Dean Cain, I am certain that L would have been in it. Unfortunately for Batman, this was not the case! Batman could not even get a fist bump or high five out of L!

And lucky last, I just had to get a photo with the one and only Orc that was at Supanova. We'd literally run into the Orc a number of times throughout the day and not once did the little superheroes want a photo with him. As we were about to leave, we ran into him again. I love it when the Cosplayers get into the spirit of their chosen character!

If you ever get the opportunity to attend a Supanova, or Comic-Con for that matter, go! It is an event that everyone has to experience at least once. Both of my little superheroes are already planning their costumes for Supanova 2019!!

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