Tuesday 27 November 2018

Wesley the Werewolf!

**** Please note that I do not receive commissions of any kind for this review, it is simply a book that my children have enjoyed reading ****

If you haven't guessed by now, we love books at superhero headquarters. O is a very definite book worm and L is rapidly following in her footsteps. At their school there is a reading program with rewards for every hundred reading experiences that the students read. O has recently hit the 300 reading experiences for the year mark, although if we remembered to write down every book that she has read this year, she'd be well over 300. L has hit the 600 reading experiences for the year and he is super proud of his achievement and rightly so.

Recently I borrowed a book from my workplace - Wesley the Werewolf - as it looked like the kind of book that L would love. I had a quick read of the book while I was at work and loved the story line in the book.

When I arrived home, I gave the book to L and stood back to gauge his reaction. After leafing through the book he said "We read this at night time okay Mummy?" and took it into his bedroom to add to the ever growing pile of books to read that night!

That night before going to bed, we just had to read it twice and then L read it himself looking for his sight words from school. It is truly a wonderful sight watching L as he looks for words that he recognises and seeing him smile as he points the words out!

One of the skills that L is working on in his therapy is retelling a sequence of events so I thought that asking him questions about this book would be a great way for him to practice this skill and would be a sneaky review for the blog!

Me …. What happens in the story?
L …. The little werewolf, what his name Mummy?

Me …. His name is Wesley.
L …. Yeah Wesley, he was playing outside and gotted really dirty. Then he go home to his Mummy but there a bubble bath, yuk!

Me …. What happens then?
L …. He not want to have a bath.

Me …. Why didn't he want to have a bath?
L …. Cos he want to be tough and rough and keep dirty!

Me …. What happens next?
L …. His Mummy brushes his hair. And he got angry and sang that funny song!

Me …. It is a funny song, isn't it?

L …. Yeah.

Me …. Why do you think Wesley was angry and singing the funny song?
L …. Ummm, cos when his Mummy brushed his hair, it hurt!

Me …. Why did it hurt Wesley?
L …. Cos he had stuff in his hair! See he had bubble gum and a apple and a leaf and a stick and a snail. Lots of things.

Me … There were lots of things in his hair.
L …. Just like when you brush Sissy's hair! She yell and scream cos she got big knots in her hair. 

Me …. She does sometimes, doesn't she!
L …. But Sissy not have snails in her hair!

Me …. No buddy she doesn't have snails in her hair. What happens at the end of the book?
L …. The werewolf, his hair is soft and clean and he go play with his friends!

Me …. Do you think your friends would like to read this book?
L …. Yep! You read it again for me please?

Me …. Sure buddy. Thank you for answering my questions.
L …. That okay, but you read now please?

The author of this book is a local lady by the name of Lauren Earner. L was able to identify with the story as he could relate the story to me trying to brush his sister's hair! I didn't want to remind L that his reaction to having his hair brushed is much the same as O's reaction!!

It is a great little book and has fast become one of L's favourite books!


  1. Well, what can I say? I can just hear that little voice of his reading the book. Do you think he might bring the book over to read to me sometime? I would love that. O amazes me how she researches so many things on the web. (Well beyond her years, I'm sure). Love love love them. Love your blogs as well. xx

  2. That looks adorable and perfect for my youngest.


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