Sunday 31 March 2019

A Different Kind of Brilliant

**** Please note that I do not receive commissions of any kind for this book review. This book is simply one that we have found useful. ****

If you've been reading or following my blog, you'll know that we like, nay love, books at superhero headquarters. Just recently there was a thread on a social media site that caught my interest. A newly published book that could be used to explain Autism to children .... yes please! Where can I buy a copy???

Well safe to say, I jumped online that night and purchased a copy of the book and eagerly awaited its arrival.

The book is titled "A different kind of brilliant" and is written by Louise Cummins. Louise wrote the book for her son to explain Autism to him in a very positive manner. A different kind of brilliant celebrates those individuals who are different enough to change the world for the better. The book gives examples of famous people who would have been or have been diagnosed with Autism and how their Autism helped them achieve what they achieved.

When the book arrived, O immediately took hold of it and sat down to read the book. It was a hit. Her first words were "This book could have been written about L! The book describes L!"

When I read it to L, his response was "Mummy, that me in the book!" 

So here is the review from O and L!

Q. What is the book about?

L ... A boy called Lachlan who got awesome!
O ... It's called Autism.
L ... Yeah awestism and he different cos he see different and he not like eating like me.
O ... The book talks about how being different is a great thing because you can use your differences to do great things. The book talks about Michelangelo...
L ... Yeah, Mikey the Ninja Turtle!
O ... Michealangelo was an artist first! And Mozart, Einstein and a surfer called Clay Marzo and all the amazing things that they did because of their Autism.
L ... Yeah the surfer dude, he not sit still just like me! Mummy, I have awestism?
Me ... You sure do buddy! You and Sissy both have Autism. 
L ... Yeah! We both got awestism sissy!

Q. What is one great thing about this book?

O ... The book shows that being different from other people is a really good thing. Having Autism is good.
L ... It got surfer dude in it and Mikey!
O ... I really like the story, it's written very well and the illustrations are very bright and colourful. The author is very clever and such a lovely Mum because she wrote it for her son.

Q. Who would this book be good for?

O ... I think it would be great for kids who have Autism to read because it talks about all the good things about Autism. Parents really should read this book and libraries should get copies of this book. I think teachers should read this book too especially if they have students in their class who have Autism. 
L ... Umm good for me. You read it again Mummy?
Me ... We sure can. But can we finish this first?
L ... Yep!

Q. Out of 5 stars, how many are you giving it?

O ... 5 stars! It's a really good book.
L ... Same as Sissy. 5! You read again now please Mummy?
Me ... We can read it again. Thank you for helping me.
O ... You're welcome Mummy.
L ... Yep, you're welcome Mummy. Read now please?

So there you have it! Another great book that can be used to explain Autism and just in time for Autism Awareness and Acceptance month!!

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