Thursday 9 July 2020

The Problem with Problems .... book review.

***Please note that I do not receive commissions of any kind for this review, it is simply a book that we find useful.***

Hands up who likes books!!!! We love books in a superhero headquarters, especially books that appeal to children. I was once asked how many children's books did we have in the house, this was quite a few years ago, and I honestly didn't know other than to answer with that one of our six shelf book cases was filled with children's books!!

Last weekend, the little superheroes and I were killing some time looking at books in a shopping centre, as you do. I'd actually gone to Kmart to look for a different book and this one caught my eye first. O then found the original book, so keep a look out for a review on that one, and we left Kmart after purchasing a few more books than I'd originally intended.

The title of this book caught my eye but it was the illustrations that both little superheroes were drawn too. O had a quick read through and told me that it was probably a book more suited to L's age and younger. L had a look through and asked me to read it to him before bed because the picture looked cool!

The Problem with Problems was written by Rachel Rooney and illustrated by Zehra Hicks and is all about, well problems that children might encounter every day. L and I read the book before bed that night and he thoroughly enjoyed it. So without any further ado, it's over to L.

Me ... What is the book about?
L ... It a rhyming book about problems. They can be big problems and they can be small problems. Lots of different problems. I like the pictures, they very colourful.

Me ... What does the story tell you you to do with the problems?
L ... Well some problems, they can be everywhere and they want to be trouble for you. But the book says you got to look at the problem cause it might not be a problem. Like the spider. It's not really a problem, it just a spider.

Me ... What does the book say about ignoring problems?
L ... They say that some problems will just go away if you ignore them, but sometimes that can be too hard. The problem still stay.

Me ... What does the book say to do with the problem if it stays?
L ... It say "Don't ask the problem to play!" And sometimes if you sleep, the problem might go away but I not like to sleep. Sleep is boring!

Me ... No, you don't like sleeping! What could you do with the problem then?
L ... The book say that problems don't like it when you tell someone so you got to tell your Mummy or Daddy or your friend or the bus or the chair and then the problem will go away. It was a good book. It even gots a boy in a wheelchair in it. We read it again please?

Me ... One more question? Do you think other kids would like to read this book?
L ... It a good book. If kids got problems, they got to read the book. We read again now?

Me ... We sure can, thank you for telling me about the book.
L ... You welcome but no more questions. You read to me please?

The book discusses and explains what problems are in very easy to understand terms. It is a topic than can be difficult to discuss with children, this is a brilliant book that should be in every families home library. The story then goes on to provide the reader with realistic and practical strategies that they can use to make the problems disappear, like talking to someone. The story is in a rhyming format, which L loved (we're big on rhyming books!) and the illustrations are not only fun and colourful but also very inclusive. There is no one central character, rather a group of characters all dealing with the same issue, problems. We then read the book again, so I have a feeling that it will be one that we will keep coming back to.

I would highly recommend this book if your children are young readers or if you are an educator or teacher of young readers. It was definitely a great buy.

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