Sunday 20 December 2020

Creative Futures Recognition Awards 2020


Late last year, I received an email to advise me that I was a finalist in the parent/carer category of the Autism Queensland Creative Futures Recognition Awards. O had put in a nomination earlier in the year, nominating me in the parent/carer category.

You should have seen the look on both little superheroes faces when I read the email to them stating that I was chosen as a finalist. Well, the preparations then began for the award ceremony. When our invitations arrived, both little superheroes were on cloud nine. L wanted to put his invitation in a special place known only to him!

Early December 2020, we polished ourselves up and attended the awards ceremony at Queensland Government House. When we arrived, L piped up with "oh fancy!" Both little superheroes were impressed by Government House, both inside and outside, but very unperplexed at the fact that they were walking the corridors that the Queen and other members of the royal family have walked!

The Queensland Governor's dog, Gavel, was on duty on the day. Gavel was originally intended to be trained as a police dog, however after a training stint at Government House, Gavel was found to be too social and too fond of hooman laps and treats. So he is the offical dog of Government House.

L loved exploring the gardens prior to the ceremony beginning. He found a very tranquil spot and wanted to stay there. He also did some great reading, with a little help, of the plaques in the garden and lawn areas.

L was very taken by Gavel. He had a great chat with Gavel's handler about his assistance dog that we were due to receive in 2021.

Our first family photo in a long time!

O was very excited to meet Nelle Francis, was also a nominee in one of the other award categories.

After the awards ceremony had concluded we explored the gardens a wee bit more. One of the security staff invited the little superheroes to look at the cars parked in the garages at Government House. One of which is the vehicle used by the Queen when she visits Queensland. Both superheroes were suitably impressed! And on strict instructions NOT to touch anything!!

While I didn't walk away with the award, being nominated by O, being named as a finalist and receiving a special commendation is enough for me.

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