Tuesday 29 December 2020

Christmas 2020


Christmas usually means lining up, or in this year's case booking for, Santa photos. Over the last 11 years we've tried many times to get the perfect Santa photo. Sensory Santa was the fantastic as it allowed both little superheroes to interact with Santa in a quieter environment. While O loves sensory Santa sessions, L really isn't a fan - he reverts to being non-verbal and will let O do all of the talking.

This year we decided to do something just a little bit different, we went and met a surfing Santa at the beach. Goingto the beach at Christmas is a very Australian thing to do, so a surfing Santa makes complete sense.

Both little superheroes loved the idea. And L was so at ease that at the beginning of pur session he walked over to Santa, introduced himself and started chatting with Santa.

Guess where we'll be going next year for our Santa photos!!!

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