Thursday 5 August 2021

L's Sensory Space

L has always been one to hide in small spaces - cardboard boxes, under chairs, if there is space big enough to fit his body into, L will attempt to hide in the space.

Oversized cardboard boxes have always been one of L's favourite hiding spaces so we have always had a box set aside somewhere in the house for L. But because L uses the boxes on a daily basis, they quickly become destroyed.

Well, not any more! Easier this year Daddy superhero brought home a HUGE cardboard box from his work for L. The box was used to transport an industrial pump so the box itself was extremely sturdy.

L's face when he saw the box was truly priceless. He immediately climbed into the box and declared that he was going to stay in the box forever!

For the next week, whenever we were at home, L literally lived in the box. He ate in it, watched the tablet in it, got dressed for school in it, used the box as his calm down safe after school, used it to get some proprioception input by hanging upside down in it. It was a multi use space.

Daddy superhero and I started talking about turning the box into a sensory space for L as he'd requested that we turn the box into a chill out space in his bedroom. So a few weeks after the box arrived home, we did a trip to Ikea and purchased a few must needed items and then spent a day creating L's very own sensory space

Suffice to say, L loved his sensory space once we'd completed it, he even wanted to sleep in it that night. Six months on and the box is still going strong!

Sensory spaces do not necessarily have to cost the earth. Excuse the pun, but think outside of the box if you are thinking about creating a sensory space.

One over sized industrial pump cardboard box - free

Two sets of Ikea LED lights - $30

One very happy boy when he saw his hidey hole - priceless ❤❤

And yes he lined up his cars so I left them as I found them!

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