Sunday 5 September 2021

Anime Memes

Both little superheroes LOVE watching anime, it is definitely a new intense interest for them both. The anime series that they watch are varied but one of the things that I love about all of the anime that they watch, are the quotes about life and staying positive no matter what life throws at you.

So here are a few of our favourite Anime quotes!

[A road is something that you make yourself.
Jotaro Kujo, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.]

[Whatever you do, enjoy it to the fullest. That is the secret of life.
Rider, Fate Zero.]

[I don't care is no one likes me. I wasn't created in this world to entertain everyone.
Oreki Houtarou, Hyouka.]

[If something is possible, carry on as planned. Even if it isn't possible, do it anyway.
Karasuma Tadaomi, Assassination Classroom.]

[Smile. Not for anyone else, but for yourself. Show yourself your own smile. You'll feel better then.
Rintaro Tatewaki, Magic-Kyun! Renaissance.]

[There are some flowers you only see when you take detours.
Tanaka Saeko, Haikyuu.]

[Whether you win or lose, looking back and learning from your experience is part of life.
All Might, My Hero Academia.]

[I don't care what normal people do any more. I'm gonna live my life the way I want to.
Iori Nagase, Kokoro Connect.]

[You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest. Because that's where you'll find the things more important than what you want.
Ging Freecss, Hunter X Hunter.]

[Life isn't about doing everything right. It's about doing what you wanna do, being who you wanna be.
Iori Nagase, Kokoro Connect.]

I tried being normal once, but it was boring.

[Normal? What's normal? To only do what the masses do? And what is the benefit of that? Where is the problem is adopting a custom that is 'abnormal' if it has no negative effect on the world at large?
Ichihara Yuuko, xxxxHOLiC ]

[You have to figure it out. Stand up and walk. Keep moving forward. You've got two good legs. So get up and use them. You're strong enough to make your own path.
Edward Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist.]

I'd love to hear any of your favourite anime quotes.

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