Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Thoughts from my children Part 3

Have I told you that I love my children?? I have, oh well I'm going to tell you again!! They've both been doing lots of reflections on things that they do and don't like, as well as how they view, see and feel the world around them. They blow me away every time that they articulate to us how their brains work. So here are a few more thoughts from my children.

[I not like wearing shoes and socks. They too tight on my feet. They don't let me feel where I walk. I like feeling the ground. The ground makes me feel good.
L, 8 years.]

[I am Autistic. I am a good friend. I like to run and jump and bounce. I like being Barr feet. I don't like loud noise but I like being loud. I like superheroes. I can talk now. I a good listener. I am me.
L, 8 years.]

[Bouncing, jumping, tumbling. This is a very happy place.]

[I'm Autistic. I'm creative and I'm a visual thinker. I love learning and making new friends. I'm logical and I think literally. I tune in to fine details that others miss. I'm a sensory avoider and a sensory seeker. I'm empathetic and accepting of others. I'm unique.
O, 11 years.]

[Autism. Some days are hard. Some days are easy. Every day you will learn something new about your children and yourself. Every moment is worthit. Breathe and remember that your children need you. Autism is an adventure.]

[When I talk and when I listen, sometimes I need to move around. I need to wiggle and move cos that help me to concentrate.

[You see a child cooking.
I see a child crossing his midline, tasting new foods, learning life skills.]

[Please remember... You are your child's safe place. When your child is having a rough time, please don't show them judgement. They need you to be understanding. They need you to love them unconditionally. They need you to be there for them.
O, 11 years.]

[A little bit of vitamim sea soothes the soul.]

[Sometimes when people ask me questions, I can't answer. My brain got to think of the answer so I needs time to think.
L, 8 years.]

[Autistic people are human beings. We might be neurologically different from those around us, but we're still human beings. We have feelings and thoughts, strengths and challenges just like everyone else.
O, 11years.]

[Hyperfocus. This is the ability to zero in intensely on a subject or topic.
Autistic children, and adults, may hyperfocus on a topic that they become extremely knowledgeable on the topic. Being able to hyperfocus on a topic or special interest my bring calm for an individual if they feel overwhelmed.]

[My brothers and my knowledge about our Autism isvery positive. Mummy and Daddy only ever talk positive about Autism. All parents need to do that.
O, 11 years.]

[Some people prefer "I am Autistic," other people prefer "I have Autism."
I prefer to be known by my name and not by my diagnosis.
O, 11 years.]

[Why do people tell you to "just beyourself," but then they judge you for being yourself?
O, 11 years.]

[When I was little and I didn't know how to talk, I had stuff to say but my brain not (know) how to make the words come out loud.
L  8 years.]

[Everyone that has been diagnosed as Autistic has their own set of strengths. They also have their set of difficulties that they need to overcome. Every individual is just that, an individual. 
O, 11 years.]

[Sometimes I think my brain wants to be a butterfly cos when I have an idea, it flys away. My brain can't catch the idea, it just flies away like a butterfly.
L, 8 years.]

[Society needs to accept that being neurodiverse is perfectly okay.
Being neurodiverse is pur normal. We can't be anything other than neurodiverse. Our Autism is not going to disappear.
O, 11 years.]

[I can't sit still for long cos my brain want to keep moving. When I move, I listen better.
L, 8 years.]

[Sensory overload due to loud noises, doesn't feel like "this is a little bit too loud."
It's more like the sound is bouncing around my brain making it incredibly difficult to concentrate.
O, 11 years.]

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