Friday 29 October 2021

Little Stars

This photo of L came up in my memories last month. It is of O waiting patiently at the gate at his Tara School, aka Little Stars. Little Stars is one of the early intervention therapy centres run by the Western Australian Autism Association. After we received L's Autism diagnosis, we applied for L to attend the centre.

Going to Little Stars really was one of the best decisions that we made for L. He was accepted for who he was, he made so many friends, he loved all of his therapists and therapy assistants, especially his Tara. L further developed his strengths and learnt new skills.

L attended the centre once a week for three hours and he participated in his speech and  occupational therapy while at the centre. And L loved going to his Tara's School. His very first therapy assistant was a lovely lady by the name of Thara, but all of the children and staff called her Tara. From the very first session with Tara, the centre became known by L as Tara's School. L and Tara had a mutual love of Batman!!

Most importantly we learnt how to view the world from L's eyes and how to support him in the way that he needed. We learnt how to help him navigate the world around him.

Little Stars was one of the first, and big, steps in L's Autism journey that L needed.

Funnily enough it was also at Tara's School that we accidentally met one of L's former educators from his previous child care centre. This educator was so very surprised to spot L at the centre, they were there to observe another child who had recently been diagnosed with Autism. This educator dismissed our concerns about L, by saying "oh he's just a naughty boy."

Mmm, actually no he wasn't. He is Autistic! This educator looked very taken back when I informed her why L was at the centre.

It is photos like the above, that remind me just how far both of my little superheroes have come and all that they have achieved so far on their Autism journey.

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