Sunday 12 December 2021

Big Things Adventure!

Who loves family adventures??? We certainly do, and they are the best way to have quality family time away from electronic devices! We've started a new weekend tradition by going on adventures as a family and rather than choosing a destination, we're packing a picnic (or pic-a-nic basket as L has taken to saying,) choosing a direction and heading off until we find somewhere interesting. 

This began a few weekends ago when on a spur of the moment, we headed off for a family day out. It was such a great day, that when we arrived home that afternoon, we sat down and wrote out a bucket list of places that we haven't yet been too, places that we'd like to go back to and adventures that we'd like to try. We've been back in Queensland for four years and there are so many places in our area that we haven't yet been to.

While researching potential adventures in our local area, I realised that there is an entire list of big things - think over sized man made structures that are local attractions for tourists. So on our last adventure, the little superheroes kept their eyes peeled for these structures and to their delight, we found two.

The Big Dinosaurs.

The first that we found were two oversized, very old looking dinosaurs. The dinosaurs have clearly seen better days and need a new coat of paint, but they both fitted the brief according to both little superheroes.

The dinosaurs were located at the Sunshine Castle in Bli Bli. The Castle is a family owned tourist attraction and while visitors aren't able to go into all areas of the Castle, it was worth the visit. The dinosaurs are located on the front lawn and are free to look at but there is an entrance fee into the Castle.

Within the Castle grounds there is an assortment of castle and medieval type bits and pieces. There is also a HUGE doll collection and a toy shop located conveniently at the exit of the Castle!

After having a good wander around the castle, we climbed back into the car and drove towards Noosa where we stumbled (following the directions from Google!) onto another big thing.

The Big Pelican!

Now The Big Pelican definitely fits the brief of big things. It is roughly 5 metres high and sits on an old boat trailer. It was originally constructed in the Noosa council workshops in circa 1977 for Rotoract as a float for the Festival of the Waters parade. The Pelican was, at that time, the embelm for the council. It was originally constructed of paper mache over a chicken wire frame but has since been renovated several times of fibreglass so that it will withstand the weather conditions.

The Big Pelican is affectionately known as Pelican Pete or Pericival, and is now owned by Pelican Boat Hire and is located along the foreshore in Noosaville out the front of their shop.

There are some lovely parks in the surrounding area, it's definitely a place that we will go back to to do some more exploring.

These were the only two big things that we found on this outing but stay tuned because there are quite a few still on our to visit list.

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