Monday 6 December 2021

The Beach. A fancy poem by L.

Recently at school, L's class were writing poems about the natural environment and what they could see, hear and feel (literally and metaphorically) when they went on excursions to two different natural environments near their school.

Unfortunately for L, he was unwell on the days of both excursions, so one afternoon L and I went to one of our favourite beaches and L told me some of his observations of the beach. The deal was that if L told me his observations, I would write them down so that he could then take them to school to compose his poem.

In the last twelve months, his descriptive vocabulary has increased two fold, so I wasn't overly surprised at the descriptive language that he used.

And we thought that his original draft was good enough to post here! So for your reading pleasure, here is The Beach by L. And L asked me to tell you all that his writing is a fancy poem as it doesn't rhyme.

The Beach.

I see boats bobbing up and down from the waves.

I see the water moving.

I can see the mountains in the distance looking like tall towers.

I see birds swooping to catch their food.

I see fish jumping out of the ocean to get away from the birds.

I can hear the waves crashing on the rocks like thunder.

I can hear birds singing their welcome songs.

I can hear people talking and noisy cars driving by.

I can hear the wind blowing the leaves on the trees.

I can feel the soft sand like little foam beads between my toes.

I can feel the cold ocean water on my feet.

I feel the cool breeze tickling on my skin.

I feel calm and excited by the waves crashing on the beach.

I feel happy and calm at the beach.

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