Saturday 29 January 2022

Fly high Ruby girl

Yesterday morning this old pup grew her wings and did zoomie helicopters across the rainbow bridge. While Ruby's mind was that of a young pup, her heart and body weren't able to keep up ❤

Ruby came to us as a rescue pup, we were to be her 5th owners in 12 months. But from the moment O and I met Ruby, I knew that we were going to be her furever family. We were told by her previous owners that Ruby was not great with children, that she wasn't great with other animals, and that she was a very boisterous dog. They couldn't have been more wrong.

Ruby and O were inseparable from the moment we brought Ruby home. If we couldn't find O inside, chances were that O and Ruby were making mischief in the backyard or they were curled up on Ruby's bed or in Ruby's kennel with O either reading Ruby a book or telling Ruby the most marvellous story.

When L arrived, Ruby knew that he was her special boy. Ruby has always instinctively known just how to calm L, and O, when they needed her most. She was definitely an untrained assistance dog.

Ruby's best fur/feather friends in Perth were a rabbit, a quail and our lorrikeet! When we moved back to Queensland, she became firm friends with Whiskers (Grandma and Dudduds old pup,) and she loves Henry. Ruby used to love watching all the native birds come and go from the garden. Popeye still calls out to Ruby, but drops food for Henry!
Ruby was as stubborn as bull Terriers come ... she'd stand at the back door barking and as soon as we'd ask "are you barking at us?," she'd turn to face the fence as if to say "no, I was barking at the fence." And dog door, what dog door. If you stare at the back door long enough, it will magically open for you!
She loved zoomie helicopters and her toys, her cauliflower ear is because she'd shake the bejesus out of her toys so much that they'd smash into her ear. Ruby believed in going through things, rather than round them. Ruby had our lorrikeet Popeye calling her, just so that Popeye could drop all the seed that she didn't like eating over the edge of the cage for Ruby to eat.
Ruby loved sharing her food with L, literally. We didn't buy dog biscuits that Ruby liked, we brought ones that L liked!! And whenever we ate outside, Ruby knew to sit next to L because he'd take a bite and then give Ruby a bite of food.
Fly high Ruby girl, you were the bestest bull Terrier girl ever.

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