Friday 14 January 2022

Mindful Photography

I'm going to try something new this year, mindful photography. 

We use mindfulness breathing strategies when we are feeling overwhelmed. And it actually works. Mindfulness is not meditation, it's more about being aware of how you are feeling in the here and now. 

Mindful photography can be described as not being concerned about producing the perfect photo, but expressing yourself through a photo, being immersed in the moment and having fun. Through mindful photography you can reveal to others, how you see the world. 

Both little superheroes love spotting the minute details in nature that we miss. It is a great feeling to sit and watch what they have seen. When they point something out, I'm going to take a moment with them to be in the moment. 

Could be a photo a day, a photo a week, or a photo in the moment. This will be a post in progress, so keep on returning to see what we add.

1. Water lillies that we spotted on a day out 02/01/2022

2. Waves crashing from the high tide 03/01/2022

3. A little skink that L spotted hiding in a drain 03/01/2022

4. The only orange daisy among a garden bed of yellow daisies 04/01/2022

5. Flowers we spotted while chilling at the beach 05/01/2022

6. Things that are satisfying to look at and watch, according to L 06/01/2022

The little balls of sand and tracks in the sand that the crabs make when they're cleaning out their beach burrows.
The pine leaves waving in the wind.
And the cicada casings that he found when climbing a tree.

7. Things that are fascinating to look at when you're a child .... 15/02/2022

The different colours on the bark of the paperbark tree.
The tiny flower buds.
Flowers that look like feathers.
The crisp change in colour on feathers.
Taking the time to take deep breaths to soothe the soul.

8. One perfectly round sea jelly that Henry and I found 
on his down time at the beach❤ 

9. One little daisy that looks just like the sun, the young lad I work with today spotted this lone colourful daisy among all the yellow ones 15/03/2022

10. We all need to stop and look at the world through the eyes of a child. Stop to see the beauty that is around us. 01/06/2022

The sun peeping through the clouds and tree branches.

The petals of a flower that don't quite meet, so you can see the leaves underneath the flower.

The one pink daisy in amongst the orange and yellow.


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