Saturday 12 February 2022

Containers for Change

As most of you know, Henry was placed with us in May last year and he has made such a huge positive influence for L, but also for O.

So much that we're going to start fund-raising again, but this time for an Autism Assistance Dog for O.

Rather than use Smart Pups (which are just amazing,) we're hoping to use a different local based organisation that will train O how to be the handler, and the pup at the same time. We're yet to find the perfect puppy, but we're wanting to start the fund-raising journey.

Unfortunately there is no government funding that is allocated to training Assistance Dogs for children, so it's up to the families to raise the money.

The total amount for Henry was close to $35000 - this covered the trainers wages, the training for Henry as well as food, equipment and everything else that he needed, and the costs involved in certification of an Assistance Dog. We're not needing to raise nearly that much for a pup for O, however the cost for Public Access Test is going to be at least $750.

So if you are able to collect cans and plastic bottles, and would like to donate the profits to funds for O's assistance dog, we'd be much appreciative.

We've created a scheme ID with Containers for Change so that if you are able to, the money raised from the cans can be deposited straight into the account for O's pup when you take the containers to the drop off point. This scheme ID is valid in both Queensland and Western Australia.

If you've read this far, thank you so very much ❤

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