Wednesday 18 May 2022

☆ 365 ☆ Days ☆

 ☆ 365 ☆ Days ☆

18th of May 2021. A date that is significant for our family. It's been 365 days since Henry was introduced to L and our family.

☆ 365 days of Team Henry.

☆ 365 days of nuzzles, laps, overs, hide and seek aka tracking, furry companionship and much much more.

☆ 365 days where Henry has helped to reduce L's, and at times O's, daily anxiety.

☆ 365 days of making L's world feel a little more welcoming and easier to venture out into.

☆ 365 days of Henry's love.

☆ 365 days of life changing Henry magic.

To everyone at Smart Pups, from the trainers to the admin staff, and everyone behind the scenes, to your puppy foster carers, the sponsors of Smart Pups, everyone who has donated funds to Smart Pups. To those who supported us on our fund-raising journey by making donations or donating items for us to raffle, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so very much. We are so very grateful for all of your assistance in helping L's Smart Pup journey become a reality.

Henry is been truly life changing for L, and for us as a family. 

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