Thursday 26 May 2022



This is what decompression after school looks like ....

This is a child who has no more energy that he burst into tears as soon as the car door closed.

A child who through his tears, sobbed "I need Henry cuddle. School hard 'day."

A child who, is now ordinarily verbal, reverts to using single word replies and shortened sentences.

A child who has pushed his anxiety so far down all day so that no one could tell, and can no longer keep it hidden.

A child who now feels safe, because he is surrounded by unconditional love and support, to show how he is truly feeling.

Autism masking is very real and so very damaging and draining - mentally, physically and emotionally.

Putting on a mask so that you blend in with the crowd, so that your differences aren't noticed by others. Putting on a mask so that you're not labelled as a naughty child. Putting on a mask day after day, makes you question your every being, makes you question your Autistic self.

Today was a hard day ❤️

Henry is working his magic ❤️

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