Friday 3 June 2022

Autism Masking

Let's talk about masking, in particular Autism masking.

But first, everyone masks at one point in time. You may only show your work side of your personality in the workplace - a form of masking. You may hide your true feelings about something so as not to upset others - again masking. You may be emotionally and mentally exhausted but don't tell people around you because you don't want to worry them - again similar to masking.

You weren't taught how to do these things, it just happens. How exhausted at the end of the day do you feel?

Now imagine masking every inch of your being, every single day. 

Autistic individuals, at times, realise that to fit in with their peers, they have to mask their own traits. They may realise that if I have an emotional overload then my peers will judge me, I may get into trouble.

Masking is detrimental to an Autistic individuals emotional, mental and physical well-being.

You may see one behaviour, extremely well behaved compliant individual in one setting, and the complete opposite in another.

Please, please understand masking. Don't dismiss the individual, or their family. Take the information on board and ask, how can we assist.

Autistic individuals are expected to fit into a world, a system, that isn't designed for them. Rather than expecting them to fit in, make accommodations.

Provide an Autistic individual with the support so that they feel comfortable to unmask.

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