Friday 22 July 2022

What the hell????


Now this could potentially blow up in my face, but you know what, I'm over people trying to silence others because "I'm Autistic and I know best."

Every time, I'm really not exaggerating, I go onto the various social media platforms, there is yet another post in which Autistic individuals are belittling others, sometimes it is towards neurotypical individuals, other times it is towards Autistic individuals. And the reason is always I'm Autistic and I know best." You know what, I call bs. 

I am Autistic. I have always been Autistic but didn't realise until after both my children were diagnosed as ASD. I always knew that I was different but didn't know how - I didn't fit what some medical professionals say Autism is. After both my children's ASD assessments, (and it was confirmed by those who assessed by children,) I met all of the ASD red flags in my own way.

If I didn’t advocate for both my children, and I will continue to do so until THEY (and no one else,) tell me that they are confident enough to self advocate, who would have advocated for them???

Too often prior to both their diagnosis, and even now years after their diagnosis, medical and education professionals dismissed their struggles because "they don't fit what people think Autism is."

If I didn't advocate for them both, they may not have been accepted into the NDIS. They may not have received the assistance at school. 

Parents do know what is best for their children. Sure listen to Autistic adults, read books - there are some brilliant books out there, - find social media pages to follow - but ultimately take the advice and use it how you want to. Try the suggestions that you read about, if they don't fit you or your child, try something else.

Every Autistic individual is just that, an individual. We share similar traits but that is it. What works for one Autistic individual is not going to work for the next.

One Autistic individuals lived Autistic experience is their experience.

My lived experience as a late diagnosed Autistic adult is my experience. My experience is different, but very similar, to my children's lived experience. My husbands lived experience as a late diagnosed ADHDer, is his experience.

Every Autistic individual, child or adult, is unique.

Instead of telling, no bullying, people into doing what you say because "you know best," interact respectfully and help each other out.

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