Saturday 10 February 2024


How do Assistance Dogs communicate with our hoomans when we need them to pay attention to us?

Through our actions and at times barking!

When my boi runs away, I bark once and then sit and wait for my family to give me the command to track my boi.

When I see my boy hurting himself, I begin nuzzling him to redirect him to me. Sometimes I just go and lay on my boi!

I even go and nudge my boi, and my mum, with my nose when I sense that they need a break.

And my intelligent disobedience skills are paw-some! There are times when I know better, so I will not obey a command and make my boi doing something else instead. One day I saw my boy walking towards a road, so I dragged my Mum towards him and then pushed my boi back onto the footpath.

All Assistance Dogs will communicate with their owners in different ways!

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