Our guide for the A to Z of Autism!

The A to Z of Autism, what on earth I can hear you asking..

This is a post that I was going to publish in April for Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month. I made the decision to go through all of my blog posts and make an "A to Z of Autism" list. But the list is growing at a rather large rate, so here it is, a few months early!

Our guide for the A to Z of Autism, links and all!

A is for Anxiety, something that O struggles a with on a daily basis. A is also for Autism Acceptance and what it means to me and it is also for Advocacy. A is also for how anxiety can manifest.

B is for Books that I would recommend to anyone that is embarking on an Autism journey! B is also for Body Socks and how to make one. B is also for Behaviour is NOT done on purpose. B is also for brothers and sisters and how we foster the relationship between O and L. B is also for Be the Change that you want to see.

C is for Communication and the many ways in which L and O communicate with us. C is also for the calming strategies that we use for meltdowns. C is also for change and what needs to occur so that the support for children with autism is not lacking. C is also for Crossing the Mid-Line.

D is for Dear Mamas - please don't judge me or my little superheroes. is for demons, my anxiety demons to be exact. D is also for a Different Ability.

E is for Emotional Regulation and one of the many books that we use to assist L to understand his own emotions. E is also for Essential Oils - a must in superhero headquarters! is also for Eye Contact and why it can be so difficult. is for Education and what we do at the end of each year in readiness for the following year. is also for Early Intervention Therapy! E is also for explaining Autism to Children. E is also for why and Early Diagnosis is important for children.

F is for Fidget Spinners. They are NOT toys!! F is also for WTF, some of the moments when my hair turns grey instantly!! F is also for Food Aversions.

G is for Girls and Autism. Autism can present in many different ways. Medical professionals are now finding that at times, autism presents very differently in girls meaning that a lot of girls are misdiagnosed or are being missed altogether.

H is for L's hair dresser, he really does love you Sarah! H is also for happy and what makes us all happy.

I is for my IEP. Anyone who has a child with special needs will be very familiar with an IEP. is also about introducing my little superheroes - read all about them here! I is also for the hidden sense of Interoception.

J is for Jenni (that's me) and the hobbies that I like to do for me! J is also for Jobs and what the future may hold in regards to employment.

K is for know the difference between a Meltdown and Tantrum, please!

L is for Life is Like a Roller Coaster - we have ups and we downs. is also for Literal Thinkers and how we can help and for Laughing - we all need to do more of it.

M is for the Mask of autism that you see. is also for Mindfulness and why we practice it for O and L. M is also for Being Me and my social awkwardness! M is also for Melatonin and how it assists with sleep. M is also for Mental Health Awareness.

N is for Not Naughty - L is not naughty. is also for New Friends and why you are welcome here. N is also for the NDIS.

O is for my Old Brain and why it is to blame for my own anxiety. is also for Over sized Sensory bag and what is in it! O is also for Occupational Therapist and what they do!

P is for the Puzzle Piece. A little symbol that means so much to some and can be the cause of many a heated discussion. P is also for Play, child's play that is. P is also Positive Behaviour Supports. P is also for Proximal Stability before Distal Mobility.

Q is for what is normal, because putting this under the letter "n," well that would just be normal!!

R is for The Rabbit Who wants to Fall Asleep. This book is amazing. If you only buy one book this year for your child, this is a must!! is also for the reasons why an Autism diagnosis is not the end of the world. R is also for Resilience and why it is important for children. R is also for the Reality of our Autism journey.

S is for Sensory Diet and what we do to make life a little easier for O and L. is also for Schedules, Routines and consistency - three massive parts of our every day life. can also be for Sensory Proprioception! S is also for Sensory Seeking and why children need to engage in it. S is also for Strategies that can be used to support children who have additional needs. S is fro Stimming!

T is for Tara's School or the early intervention centre! T is also for the look of autism. T is also for teaching little superheroes about money! T is also for Theory of Mind.

U is for Understanding and how much do I really know about my little superheroes Autism.

V is for visual thinkers and how O sees her world. V is also for vulnerable side and why I think my little superheroes show this to me. V is also for Vestibular Input and what this is responsible for.

W is for Wild. L is my wild, I am his calm. is also for When did we know that L had autism. is also for a Weighted Blanket - my tutorial on how to make one! is also for What is Autism Spectrum DisorderWhen does it stop and what I have learnt being on this autism journey. W is also for W-Sitting and some alternatives that you can introduce your children to.

X is for Xmas! Sensory Santa actually but I couldn't find a post that started with the letter 'x!"

Y is for You - you are strong! is also for Your Self Care and why YOU need to take care of YOU.

Z is for much needed zzzzzzz'sis also for Melatonin which helps us get more zzzzzz's.


  1. What a great list!! And so much information - thanks. Great job finding something for each letter :)

  2. Love this!! I agree, fidget spinners are not toys!!

  3. This list is impressive! Finding something for every letter must have been hard! But it was very informative(: And I loved Q!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I love how impormative and creative this is! Great job!

  5. Only good things come from you, Jenni. Miss seeing the kids. Give them a hug & kiss from us.


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