Monday 7 November 2016

What my little superheroes have taught our lorikeet to say!

About a month ago we added a new animal to our menagerie, a hand raised baby lorikeet. The kids named him Popeye, because he is an olive green colour.

Any who, we asked the little superheroes to help us teach Popeye how to talk, thinking it would be good for O as she would have to use her big girl voice and good for L's speech development too. They'd both have to speak slowly and clearly.

So far Popeye's repertoire includes:

He's learnt to yell, growl and grumble under his breath and he sounds very much like L! He says "sorry," he asks "what's that?" and "whatcha doin?" He says "I dunno," and "sorry!" He does say "thanks mum," which is pretty cute, "hello" and "love you." He also likes to say "got your ear" as he's sticking his tongue into your ear, ewwww, and "kiss kiss" as he tries to kiss you! He also says "dance" as he's bouncing up and down which the little superheroes think is hilarious.

Tonight young Popeye spotted a suitcase coming towards him, he clambered up my PJs to sit on my shoulder and said "oh s#$@!"

Mmmmm, not what I hoped Popeye would learn, wonder who says that Daddy superhero????? Let's hope that Popeye doesn't teach that phrase to the kids!

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