Sunday 1 January 2017

So it is 2017!

So it is 2017.

I started my blog in August last year with the idea that writing would help to clear my mind. I never expected to end up helping others to understand the Autism journey.

Before I go on, I will clarify that I am not claiming to be an expert on Autism Spectrum Disorder or family life or anxiety. What I share in my blog is our families experiences with ASD and anxiety. I share my thoughts and views. I share the strategies that we have found that work with meltdowns and dealing with anxiety. I share the fantastic moments that we have but I also share our moments of despair.

I am ecstatic that people who have very little to do with Autism are reading and learning from my blog. That through writing about our life, I am giving my readers a glimpse into what raising children with Autism can be like.

I never expected to find so much calm in writing for my blog. During particularly stressful moments, it can be extremely difficult to think straight. It is only when I am making a jotting about something that occurred during the day, that I can see clarity in what happened. At times I will see the humour in whatever happened. It might not be funny at 3.33 in the morning, but it sure is hilarious retelling the story to my husband after he was woken up!

Writing for my blog acts like a soul cleansing - writing gets it all out there, there is nothing for me to dwell on. I can mull it over while writing, analyse it while re-reading and editing the post, and my mind is clear when I hit the publish button. I guess my blog is therapy for me!

Life is never dull at Superhero headquarters, it’s also rarely quiet! We have a lot of wonderful moments and we have heaps of funny moments. There are many a time when we’re incredibly stressed, quite a few moments that are very heartbreaking and we’re not sure how we’re going to keep fighting on. And then there are the moments that are loud, very loud! There is always something happening at in slightly crazy, sometimes noisy place, it’s never dull!

I've never been one for New Years Resolutions but this year I have two for my blog!

The first is that I am going to start a Blog planner, something that I probably should have done when I began my blog last year. I am going to write all my ideas down in one place, instead of on sheets of paper that then get spread throughout the house as the little superheroes try to find something to draw on! I was given several beautiful journals for Christmas, so there is no excuse for me to use pieces of paper! I’ll just have to remember to take one of the journals with me!

The second is that this year I hope that by sharing snippets about our family life, the strategies that we use in our day to day routines, that I might help families feel slightly less alone in this journey and give them some new ideas to try. Maybe I’ll even make people laugh! I want them to realise that they're not alone on this journey and that help is always out there, even if it is in the form of a blog! There is always a friendly ear ready to listen.

So let’s raise a glass to 2017 and a new year of blogging. Welcome to my superhero family, I hope that you enjoy the ride! Hold on tight, it could get a little crazy at times but I can guarantee that you'll never be bored!

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