Wednesday 6 September 2017

Thank you.....

Teacher aides play an important role in classrooms all across the country in assisting students and teachers.

So it is only fair that on the first Friday in September, teacher aides are recognised and thanked for all that they do to support students, special needs or not, in school classrooms and in the playground.

We have been incredibly fortunate to have had some fantastic teacher aides assisting L and O at school both this year and in previous years.

So to you all, I thank you.

The dedication of you all to both of my children brings tears to my eyes and reassures me that at school they are both in very capable hands. 

I know that when I leave my children at school in an emotional state, that you all know just what to do to calm and reassure them both. This makes leaving them in an emotional state just that little bit easier.

Thank you for stepping in and giving them an all reassuring "mum" hug when I am not able to be there for them.

Thank you for always being positive and enthusiastic when around my little superheroes. Both of my little superheroes regularly speak of you all at home. What you say is gospel! 

I regularly see the love and trust that both of my little superheroes have for you all and I truly hope that you can see it too. They may not express their gratitude to you on a daily basis, but they do appreciate everything that you do. And so do I.

My little superheroes can sense when others are showing them love and compassion. They can sense this from a mile away. They just know when people are truly invested in them. Thank you for working hard to gain their trust.

To you all I thank you for being their advocate at school. Thank you for being their voice when they struggle to find their own when they are in sensory overload. 

It warms my heart that you have learnt my little superheroes personalities, their little quirks, their strengths and their weaknesses. Thank you for being able to pick up on their cues when they require brain breaks or a little extra reassurance that everything is going to be okay.

Thank you for acknowledging and celebrating all the successes that L and O have achieved whilst at school, no matter how small the successes are.

I know that you have days which are exhausting and discouraging, but thank you for not giving up on my little superheroes. Thank you for throwing 100% of yourselves into loving, nurturing and caring for my little superheroes while they are in your care at school.

Mrs DC and Mrs S, I loving watching when L gives you hugs and kisses and I can see how relaxed he is when sitting with you. I see the gentle hand that you use to help guide L into the classroom and how you keep a watchful eye on him to make sure that he is always safe.

Mrs L thank you for your ever watchful eye on O as she learns to read others emotions. Thank you for being there when she struggles with her anxiety. Thank you for assisting her to participate in social activities with her peers.

If I was able to, I would give each and every one of you a pay raise. But alas I am not able to do this.

What I can do is offer you my heartfelt gratitude for everything that you all do for both O and L.

I am truly thankful for all that you do for O and L.


  1. Awww such a sweet post. Teachers and their aides do such amazing jobs and they often don't get the thanks they deserve! Great post!

  2. This warms my heart! I love this post❤️

  3. What a lovely letter! I have to admit, I was REALLY surprised when my daughters started school where we live, to find that *our district doesn't have teacher aides.* I remember every classroom had its own aide through 4th grade (elementary school), but that is NOT the case where we are now. Instead they have just a few aides who float through the whole building, and rely on lots of parent volunteer help...

  4. What a sweet and heartfelt post! I agree, teacher's aides deserve recognition for the services they provide to students on a daily basis. It truly takes a village!

  5. Teachers aids are truly superheroes in my eyes... I homeschool my son now but when he was in school his teachers aids worked so hard to go above and beyond in his special needs classroom... in our case... way more than the teacher EVER did... Shell

  6. I completely agree! My daughter has autism and I am so very grateful to the aides that were in the classroom to help her make it through the day before we made the switch to homeschooling.


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